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Flow Condition If Field is Blank

Hi all, 


Last week I created a Flow with a condition to check if a field is blank. 

The advanced syntax is as such:




This was working for a second, but now it is returning always as True, no matter what. 

Can anyone help me? Has anyone built conditions on If Field is Blank??




@brijendraydv you type null in the Expression tab in the dynamic content panel:


Los Gallardos
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Thanks a lot for the image example - it works now,any idea how to check also empty value - the issue is i had result set with 8 columns for example but now there are 6 columns as 2 columns dont have value so are not appearing in the result set.However i still have the condition with 8 columns that was before so i want to check if the value is blank for those 2 columns.Not sure if i made it clear.

Thank you Jose. 

For everyone else that might be searching this for the first time.  Here is my experience.

I am working with Forms and I get the Response Details.  I needed to check if a certain form entry was blank so a condition would determine the next step.  I attempted to use the NULL expression as indicated above.  Since I was not familiar with this expression I tried  Null() as the expression.  The correct syntax is Null without Parenthesis.  HOWEVER, this did not work as it kept giving me a FALSE condition regardless of the value in my form.  I used the Variable is equal to and left the right field BLANK and it worked.

So in short, the Null may be effective when working with certain conditions, but as far as checking a variable to see if it "is equal to" nothing, then a blank value appears to have worked.


Advocate III
Advocate III

FWIW, for my SharePoint text field I had to use the null function to get it to work, leaving the right side blank and other options did not work.



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Hi Everyone,


I'm a new user of Power App - Flows and I'm stuck with this scenario. My intention is if the Email Address field is empty (using Microsoft Forms) just ignore and not run into some errors. At the moment, with below condition, if the field is not blank then it proceeds to send an email to the intended recipient, which works fine. But what command can I put in if the field is indeed blank?


Thank you all in advance.




Hi Mary,


You have the condition like this (Mail - Is equal to - Null), have you tried not putting in the Null and just leaving it blank?

What I'm saying is instead of using (Mail - Is equal to - Null) you dont put anything (Mail - Is equal to - )

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It worked! Thank you @Jose_Azevedo 😊

Spent hours looking for a solution and just leave it blank, my goodness it was there and it took me hours just to find the answer i am looking for. you my friend is great! i Thank you. + 1 like from me.

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All of this didn't work for me. I got the empty string value from excel spreadsheet. Apparently it is not empty. So what i did: create a variable leave it empty and compare to that variable. 

The null solution didn't work for me. And the solution empty(body[]) I found too difficult to do. 

In my case it didn't work. I have been trying so many different solutions, and finally I could check if the value is null, and so far so good. This is what I did:

"field name" is equal to "" 

Note: I used double quote.  

Spent a couple of hours trying to figure out why

Field not equal to 'Null' 

wasn't working. 

Changed it to Field is equal to 'Null' and voila!

Thank you, Good Sir. 

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