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Flow Does Not Work



I have a Flow setup to submit responses from a Form to a Teams channel.  It doesn't appear to be working at all.  I'm getting no alerts indicating any failures.  How can I even begin troubleshooting this?  I've gone over the configuration multiple times and can't seem to find anything obvious that would be the root cause of this.  Here's the layout:




After multiple Forms submissions, only one came through but the formatting was completely garbled, I don't understand how this can be so intermittent, not reliable at all. 


This is what the form submission in Teams looks like, absolutely not useful at all and nothing like the layout above:


@COMPANY Team -CLIENT NEW HIRE NOTIFICATION- Name of Requestor: @{triggerBody()?['r148992fbdd2d464aa41eae90d40cfda5']} Date of Submission: @{triggerBody()?['submitDate']} New Hires Full Name: @{triggerBody()?['r7fb19950c9bb4853add5d8730ec69cec']} New Hire Start Date: @{triggerBody()?['r7e5897c5a4484de2a3ef9df1652b898d']} Office365 License Type: @{triggerBody()?['rc1a5a38318a441948d8772b577e7ad52']} Please ensure to create Autotask ticket for this request.
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Re: Flow Does Not Work

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Re: Flow Does Not Work

This does not work.  The problem is the form just doesn't appear to work, and only intermittently works. 

About 1 time out of 10 of the form being filled out do I see ANY response being posted to Teams. 


There's something fundamentally wrong with the way Flow operates if there's absolutely no way to troubleshoot and see why connectivity / integration / whatever is not working.

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Re: Flow Does Not Work

Same issue. It's infuriating. 

I'm attempting to communicate from an MS Form to VSTS and Teams with new work orders using the Automatically file bugs and notify team flow. But, it's intermittent if at all. 

I've setup, re-setup, and gone over every detail of my flows. It's bad software, not bad configuration. 

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Re: Flow Does Not Work

I've had to open a case with Microsoft Support to help me with this.  I've been informed that Flows only triggers once per hour.  It would be good to have it enabled to react faster, especially for testing purposes.  Also, it's unclear when the triggers activate if it's at the top of each hour or an hour after the Flow was created?  Really not sure.

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Re: Flow Does Not Work

I could live with the once an hour functionality. But, what I've observed is instant updates, long delayed updates, and none at all (the most frequent case. 

My an automation / flow system wouldn't use webhooks is a mystery to me. 

Does your system work now?

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Re: Flow Does Not Work

Well funny you ask, no, it's not working.  Or, it works intermittently and there's no rhyme or reason to why it does or not. 

For instance, yesterday I submitted multiple Forms responses which Flow is supposed to pick up but this is the Run History and it doesn't even indicate anything triggered, how can this entire system be relied upon when this is real world deployment experience?:



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Re: Flow Does Not Work

I did the test using "create from blank" -> "Search sinks of connectors and triggers"
I searched for "forms" -> I selected "Microsoft Forms" -> "When a new response is submitted"
I selected the "from Title" that I created -> "New Step" -> "Action" -> "Approvals" -> Start an approval

I filled in the Title and Assigned to fields to test.

I clicked Save Flow -> Done

-------------------------------------------------- -
Answer the survey created in Foms as a test, please wait 1 hour.
If within this "1 hour" you change some field in the forms, after saving the changes will have to wait 1 hour again.

If you do not make any changes to the form, after 1 hour you will run the stream and send all the responses that occur in the last hour.

After that you will have to wait another 1 hour for the next shipment.

I tested it and it worked. I am using so that the candidate for a job respond the form with your personal data and a person in the company does approve this registration.

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Re: Flow Does Not Work

That's just pathetic. Once an hour, for event-based flows? I flag a message, I must wait an hour to see whether the flow triggers?


O365 is a clusterf*ck. I wished my org had gone with GApps.

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Re: Flow Does Not Work

I just tried the same. 


First I tried submitting a Form and just sending myself an email. this 10kred 10 out of 10 times. So it doens't look like the trigger is the issue.


Then I created a message in teams with just plain text in it. This worked as well. 


My initial thought is that the problem has something to do with the dynamic content in your post. Could you take out the dynamic content and then see if the post is created. Then add one dynamic content field again and see if this works.


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