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Helper II
Helper II

Flow - Forms to sharepoint / create new item -> Date problem


i have a strange issue all of the sudden. I have a form for externals to submit planning details and dates (date picker) for projects. Upon a new submitted form, a flow is triggered to create a new item in a sharepoint list (regular date/time columns). 

It worked well, no issues. 


Then i had to force a logout and password change for my admin user and now all of the sudden the flow fails for below reason:

OpenApiOperationParameterTypeConversionFailed. The 'inputs.parameters' of workflow operation 'Create_item' of type 'OpenApiConnection' is not valid. Error details: Input parameter 'item/Contractual_x0020_shipment_x00200' is required to be of type 'String/date-time'. The runtime value '""' to be converted doesn't have the expected format 'String/date-time'.


So apparently there is a time format issue, coming out of nowhere. It was fine before and worked, i didnt change anything in this sense. 


Any idea? i mean afterall if i have a forms date picker and the sharepoint list columns are date/time as well. I want to assume no matter in which format, these two microsoft tools should speak the same language and the format should only be a kind of "display" option. No matter the input, both tools should know the date and be able to display it in whatever format, even if its different, right?! 


its a bit strange, but maybe someone has an idea what caused this?




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Super User
Super User

@Jasper1234 it looks like the date was empty because the error message is the runtime value '""'.....

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Super User
Super User

@Jasper1234 it looks like the date was empty because the error message is the runtime value '""'.....

@RobElliott thanks. I just noticed the raw data delivers a "" if the date field was left empty in the form. And apparently this is not convertable to a date for the flow. makes sense. 

But how do i avoid this issue? not every date picker field in the form is required, some will always be empty. also for the sharepoint lists these date columns are not required. 


no idea from which side to appraoch this, but i want to say microsoft forms is quite limited in options and i cant change how the data comes in. Do i need to change something in the flow, or do i need to change it in the sharepoint list itself?


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@Jasper1234  I am also facing the same issue . Did you find any solution for this ? This will be of great help.

Appreciate any suggestion/pointers 

Is there a way to avoid this error if no date is entered?

Helper I
Helper I

I've just got this problem too, although I'm pretty sure this was working fine previously as ive had people using the form, but I then had to delete it and start again.

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