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Flow Not Triggering

Hello all:

In a bit of an emergency....tested everything but 'Move File'. I have 124 flows that trigger when a 'file is created or modified' in a SharePoint document library. Everything works fine accept for when a file is moved into the folder. Our situation is that there are a number of files already in SharePoint document libraries that have have approval status = pending. The files were placed there before the flows were built and thus when the column formatting was added the status went to pending on all files in the lib that had not gone through the workflow approval. My main issue is that all of these files need to be moved into folders that will trigger the workflow approval process. The issue is that when a file is moved from a given folder to the folder that has the workflow attached, the flow is not triggering. I thought I tested this and it worked but not working now. It appears that the 'move file' function in SharePoint is not triggering the flow to activate even when a file is added to that folder. I there another trigger I can add that will check the approval status or run the flow regardless if a file has been moved or added to the folder? See attachments here.

Thanks all!






Accepted Solutions
Resolver I
Resolver I

We have a resolution: Flow will trigger upon next edit which will work for our purposes.



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Resolver I
Resolver I

We have a resolution: Flow will trigger upon next edit which will work for our purposes.



New Member

I have a similar problem but for us the resolution doesn't really work as we don't want to have to go back into the document and modify it again to trigger the flow. Is there a way to get just the act of moving the file to trigger a flow?

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