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Advocate II
Advocate II

Flow Query Filter Date Range

Basically I am doing a Get Items and attempting to filter the data based on a date range. I have come across MANY different suggestions and have attempted them all with no luck.


Here is what I am working with:

From Date: Date Only

To Date: Date Only


The Get Items works properly with no query and returns everything, but I want to filter based on passed in dates.


Here is how it currently looks:

10-29-2020 10-25-03 AM.jpg


I have tried many different options for converting the date values such as datetime'fromDate' with no luck.

All I receive is the filter is not valid.


Thanks for any help. 😃


Accepted Solutions
Advocate II
Advocate II

After about a week of messing with it I make a post and figure it out 15 minutes later lol


Here is what it ended up being:

From Date: 


To Date: 


10-29-2020 10-29-15 AM.jpg

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Advocate II
Advocate II

After about a week of messing with it I make a post and figure it out 15 minutes later lol


Here is what it ended up being:

From Date: 


To Date: 


10-29-2020 10-29-15 AM.jpg

How did you write in the dates?


Like this?




Kind of, the portion where you have the '2019-01-01' needs to be how I typed it as 'yyyy-MM-dd' as formatDateTime takes 2 arguments, the first is a date/time value, for my case I had a column named From, so triggerBody()?['From'] is my date.

The second is what format you want to date to be returned as. Here is the documentation on it, you can use any or all of these letters    formatDateTime('<your-value>', 'dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm tt')   which denote the different type of date/time information you want returned.

I still can't figure this out...



I am trying to get all items created on or after 01-01-2018 


I tried a combination of things.


I had this working but it suddenly stopped, no idea why. It returns 0 results now


Created ge '@{getPastTime(1033,'Day')}'


How can I use your formatDateTime saying Created Date anything older that 01-01-2018

I meant, anything equal to or newer than 01-01-2018

I also tried


formatDateTime('2018-01-01T00:00:00''M/dd/yyyy h:mm tt')


If you have a static date you can just do Created ge '2018-01-01' you are only passing in a string in the format of 'yyyy-MM-dd' (yyyy=year, MM=month, dd=day)

You can use a variable or compose a data value, or basically anything to get the info in there. ensure you have the ' on both ends of what you are passing in though.

I tried your suggestion, still 0 results. I am going to re-create this from scratch.. I feel like its bugged or something

@WC-KSTILL Are you inserting an expression or just manually typing this into the area?

I figured it out...I ahd to go to settings and turn on the threshold. Never had to do that before


Created gt '2019-01-01T00:00:00Z'

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How to filter with Month in date for example 

formatDateTime(triggerBody()?['Date'],'MMMM') eq 'December' gives error in query itself 

@preetipatki I am unsure exactly what you are attempting to accomplish. To make it easier on yourself I would suggest doing your Get Items then use a Filter Array as it is an easier UI.
It seems as though you may be attempting to format a column then evaluate it, but I am unsure. in my original post I was passing in 2 date values that were then used later to query items.


I ran the below code under a compose and it returns December which is correct:

But I think you are attempting to use values that don't corelate with the query.

Helper III
Helper III



Filter Quarry


Maybe something like this?


Created ge '2020-12-01T00:00:00Z' and Created le '2020-12-31T23:59:59Z'


ge = greater than or equal to

le = less than or equal to

I want to filter the GetItems with Month of Submitted Date = for Example 'December' and Year of Submitted Date = For example 2020. I can't put two conditions at filter. I did try putting filter at GetItems - Odata filter as well as filter array. No luck yet. 

Frequent Visitor

I want to compare against the Month (text) and year with variables. Two conditions 


Here you go, there are several options to take with this, there is a startOfMonth function that may also help you out down the line.

but I was just assuming you have a string for the month (December for this example) and an integer for the year (2020 in this example).

varIntYear: Just takes in the year value.

varFirstofMonth: Used to get the month and year together and make it a proper date value. as we want the first of the month I used 01. You can replace the manual entry of 'December' with another variable set above if you like to have it more dynamic.

varLastofMonth: Basically just takes varFirstofMonth, adds a month then subtracts 1 day to get the last day of December.


Lastly you do a Get items and filter the proper column, I used Created for my example and it properly returned a set of results. You can of course do this far more compact, all within the get items, but I have spread it out in hopes to make it easier to follow and break down. 😃



12-23-2020 6-55-58 AM.jpg

Hi, I'm having the same issue as you... I'm getting 0 records for anything different from today or yesterday. Where did you change that settings pls?

You shouldn't need to turn on the threshold as its standard limit is something like 100-200 and you are getting zero so most likely it is something else.


But you click the ellipsis (3 dots) in the top right of the Get Items and it will be towards the top. 😃


If you cant find it here is a video I Google'd 

Thank you so much! IDK what is going on... I have a SP list, but when I use -1 it works, but anything different like -2 or -60, it brings me an empty file.MicrosoftTeams-image.png

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