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Flow Runs, then Fails

 I see strange behavior with a flow I created.  It is a simple flow which is triggered when a new item is created in a SharePoint Online list.  The flow retrieves the manager's name and then updates the item, with the manager's name.  It also updates the information in the list for the requestor's department, Job Title and title of the item (concatenates the requetor's name and request type fields).  I am using O365 users for this solution.


  The flow will run initially when I test. The log shows that it ran successfully, and I can verify this by looking at the item in the SharePoint list, and it is updated.  If I go back into the flow log  I see that it shows that it ran successfully.  But then there is a second entry saying that it failed.  When looking into the details, it failed at the first step of when an item is created.  With the details of "Resource not found"  It then proceeds to produce a fail message every 15 seconds after that.


If I try to do another test by creating a new item, it just fails and does not complete successfully.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Is there a workaround for this? As it stands now If I delete the flow and recreate it I get the same experience of the flow running initially and then failing afterwards.


Hi exnav29,


Can you share with me the flow id?

When you open the flow, the URL should look like the following<xxx>

it's a guid.




The GUID is c902413e-2cdb-473b-9882-662ddb835dde.

Hi exnav29,


From the symptom, it seems the item you created or want to edit is missing. Is your flow "vacation"? Here is the error:

"$schema": "2016-04-01-preview",
"startTime": "2016-07-06T01:54:55.8345332Z",
"endTime": "2016-07-06T01:54:55.9126577Z",
"status": "Failed",
"code": "NotFound",
"tags": {
"flowDisplayName": "Vacation"
"resource": {
"subscriptionId": "655be0f1-fb2c-4c5a-9fbf-ff414e1b901b",
"resourceGroupName": "6945C3CA3FAD411C97488CB53D8FCE86-AC3E6784C6AD4C3C8CA7A6BB1F7B6671",
"workflowId": "2f6781eb83fd4cc686c88b6585431605",
"workflowName": "c902413e-2cdb-473b-9882-662ddb835dde",
"runId": "08587338367896332217",
"location": "westus"
"correlation": {
"clientTrackingId": "08587338367896332217"

I created a flow with trigger "when a new item is created in sharepoint" -> action " edit sharepoint", I ran twice and it works for me.

so If you can take a screenshot for your flow, it would provide me more details.  





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