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Flow and SharePoint : Send Email with Attachment - unreadable Attachment's content

Hello fellow flowers !


I am currently building a flow, which you've already seen before : When an item is created whithin a certain Sharepoint List,

I get the elements and the files attached and then send an email (I just have more operations in the way because I get elements from another list to retrieve the good email to send it).


I've followed Laura Roggers' video on How to get and send attachments


Everything is working, my Flow is sending the emails....

BUT the attachment are corrupted.

Here are some scrrenshots on How I get the attachments from the list :


When an item is created, Get Attachments



For each attachment, get attachment content



Then, send an email (I don't really know why it has looped here, buecause, that is absolutely silly, it is sending me the same email twice, but each with a different attachment -if i have multiple attachments on my item)



Here is the actionOutput i'm putting into "Attachment's body/Content"


Now, as i said, the flow is working well, it is sending emails, and the attachments are attachedµ. The only BIG problem is that the attachments are corrupted and nothing can open them.


Here is he contentBytes I got when i test, it is a really weird format !



 So, do you know :

- How to attach several attachments to a single email ?

- How to get the Attachment content format good to have correct and valid attachments in my emails ?


Thanks a lot ! 🙂


Hi Charles, 





is it before action: Start and wait Approval or after action:  Start and wait approval ?  


I try to add before Start and Wait approval, it failed.    


18 Apr.jpg




you need to first initiate the variable, then fill it and then finally add it into the ask for approval. I can now ad pictures again:

initiate variable:






then fill it:

















then add array into approval:




hope this helps


Hi Charles, 


initiate variable - which section shld I add into?  is it at the X in red?  Thanks



I would do everything after 6

Ok. Tks

Will try it



This error occured after adding the variable?   what does it mean?  Tks



Not really sure, it looks like you have not selected the correct Id for the action.

ok.. will have a look again. thanks

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