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Flow and Typeform

The documentation and threads related to connecting Typeform to Sharepoint via flow are very confusing.  Here is what I found, and here is where I am stuck.  Thanks to @Leon-Inspired and @charan_sodhi for their posts that got me this far.  


The Flow templates that use typeform are worthless.  At some point Typeform changed their API and way of connecting.  There is no need to get an API key anymore.  However, forms created in Typeform do not show up using any of the templates in Flow.  What you need to do to get  a form to show up is to create a new Flow from the ground up, nbot with a template.  Search for typrform and it comes up.  My forms are displayed in the dropdown.  I then add a step: a Create Itemin Sharepoint step which is avaialable. 


So far so good, but this is where it falls apart.  


You can no longer map fields from the Typeform to fields in Sharepoint.  Instead, under Dynamic Content, I am presented with the following dynamic choices that probably are easy for a developrer but less so for mere mortals.


It also is running in a "Apply to each" container meaning each answer of a single form ends up as a new item in the Sharepoint list.  


At this point I'm not sure what to do.  Is there anyway to get the mapping from Typeform fields to Sharepoint back?





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Hey Nikgrk,

We gave up on the flow connector, it just did not do the job for anything other than the most basic of forms.


Ended up using an azure function to match the question names to list columns and the flow just passes a payload to the azure function.

Used a great person on upwork, let me know if you want me to send you some details. 

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