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Flow cannot update "multiple people or group" field anymore (Since last week)

I have a few flows with actions to update "Peer Reviewers" field, this is a "people and group" field allows multiple people being selected... However, since last week, it suddently stopped working, I cannot see the "Peer Reviewers" field in action "update item" or "update file properties". This is an issue can be reproduced with the below steps:

  1. Create a list/library with "people and group" field , e.g. call it "Peer Reviewers", mark that field as "allow multiple select" and "people only".
  2. Create a flow running on this list/library, in the flow, add an action "Update item" or "update file properties", you will notice that you can NOT see "Peer Reviewers" field. (This used to work one week ago!)
  3. If you change the "Peer Reviewers" field to not allow "multiple select", then it will appear in Flow's "update item" or "update file properties" action...

I've submitted a ticket to Microsoft support team, but don't know when they can help me to resolve it...not very optimistic about it as it looks like a bug introduced with a few feature "Limit columns by view" last week, which allows us to filter columns by view in "update item" or "update file properties" action.


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I've been doing that and it was working, nevertheless now i am again getting the error "The API operation does not allow writing a value for parameter 'item/XXX/DisplayName'. This parameter is read only."


I have made a very simple flow to test this, and always the same error. Guess i have to go back to build an array....

I can confirm the functionality broke for me a few days ago as well.  Old flows still seem to work, but new ones won't work using the exact same activities as before.  Great work Microsoft!

Resolver II
Resolver II

 Seems this is still an issue . Getting the below error  when trying to update Multi user Person/Group field from flow using create item action  :

The 'inputs.parameters' of workflow operation 'Create_item_in_PCMTest_List' of type 'OpenApiConnection' is not valid. Error details: The API operation does not allow writing a value for parameter 'item/Members[0]/DisplayName'. This parameter is read only.


Resolver II
Resolver II

Resolved this with the syntax suggested by @davidgo using Select action like below.

          { "Claims": "emailalias1(at)" },
          { "Claims": "emailalias2(at)" }


In my example, i am copying the multi person/group field called "Customers " from CustomerInfo list to CustomerArchive List.

Update Multi Person Group Field.png



Hope this helps some one.







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Thank you very much @PURNA429 your solution is truly elegant for this problem!


It really simple to utilize only Select and Map which creates the array and then just utilize the Output from previous step which is basically what all people needs.


Therefore please mark this as a solution since the rest of the solutions are quite complex for this simple problem.


Thank you @PURNA429 once more for comming up with this!

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