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Flow cannot use a Child Flow because they are in different Subscription despite being in same Solution

When I'm saving a Flow which needs to call a child-flow, I'm getting an error to indicate that this flow is in a different subscription. The error message suggests that I need to move the subscription, however, there is no way to do that within Power Automate.


I'm trying to understand why when:

  • Both this flow and the child-flow it's calling are in the same Power Platform environment
  • They are both within the same Solution
  • Other flows are able to successfully call this same sub-flow


Error message

Request to XRM API failed with error: 'Message: Flow client error returned with status code "BadRequest" and details "{"error":{"code":"InvalidOpenApiFlow","message":"Flow save failed with code 'WorkflowUnderWrongSubscription' and message 'The child workflow '{workflowIdWasHere}' must be under the same subscription as the parent workflow.


The only thing that I can think of which is different about this flow is that it was created by me doing a SAVE AS on another one in the same solution. Could that be the problem?


There are 60-70 actions in the flow and would rather not need to have to start again.  I've resolved a few issues that way recently, but would like to avoid that.


How do I change the subscription of a flow? Any other ideas? Or is there an issue with Power Automate here?



Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @mattybear 


Have you tried the export/import the Power Automate to the correct subscription?


If this is solved already please share the solution so that we can all learn from you :).


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Advocate II
Advocate II

@mattybear, did you ever find a solution for this?


Both of our solutions were created in the same environment, but Flow still gives the error.

Advocate I
Advocate I

We are facing same issue and dont want to recreate flow.

Please share if you have any solutions or workarounds.


New Member

I have faced this error and solved. 

I failed to save the flow with new component (run child flow). But when I exported and imported back the flow. And added back to the solution. It saved successfully with the new run child flow component.

My parent Flow was created before the Solution, and then imported in.  The fix for me was to recreate the parent flow in the solution, then it worked fine.  

I appreciate this can be a lot of work but you can bundle up a lot of steps into a number of Scope objects, and then save them to the clipboard to copy across which speeds things up considerably

@AndyTuke1 , Thanks for your suggestion of recreating flow in solution.


It helped me solve issue with my case by doing exact opposite, creating the common flow outside of the solution instead of recreating working flows again.


My issue was that most of my flows (around 15) were created before adding them to the solution so recreating them would take long time. Instead to resolve this issue, I created a flow with common logic outside of solution (where other flows were created initially) and added it to solution. Now I am able to save and work with the flow properly.


This can help someone with similar kind of issue. If you have requirement of creating more new flows which uses the same common flow you can have a new flow (v2) with similar actions which is created in the solution it self. So new flows will use this v2 flow and old ones can continue with v1. This can be headache but can reduce the overhead required for recreating all existing flows.

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WorkflowUnderWrongSubscription also occurs when you create a Flow here:



and import it to your solution and use there a child flow.

Hi, I'm also facing the same issue. I have created flow outside of the solution, directly under flows. Later added this flow to the solution and added an action to call child flow. On save, it is throwing the following error, "Flow save failed with code 'WorkflowUnderWrongSubscription' and message The child workflow must be under the same subscription as the parent workflow. ". 

I exported the flow solution and imported again. but still no luck. Can you please help me in understanding how did you export and reimport the flow, via CRM solution?

One work around is from @AndyTuke1  above.

Another is from @fireflyingin THIS  somewhat similar thread.  His entry is at ‎07-14-2020 06:56 AM.

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi there, 
My finding about this : 
- If Child (OR Parent) is created outside a solution then added to a solution, then its Parent (OR Child) must be also created outside of a solution then added to a solution to make it work. 


- If both are created outside then added to a solution, works fine

- If both are created within a solution, works fine.

- If they one of them come from the default solution (created outside of a solution), then problem.




Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I had the same issue and did not want to recreate either the calling flow or the child flow.

I fixed it this way:

  1. Save Parent flow as another flow and add to solution.
  2. Save Child flow as another flow - you cannot import this flow into your solution.
  3. Take a screenshot of the child flow trigger.
  4. Delete the child flow trigger and replace it with a standard Dataverse trigger (you will have to fix any actions that the child flow trigger supplies data to - anything is fine).
  5. You can now import the ex-child flow into your solution.
  6. Delete the Dataverse trigger you added, add back a child flow trigger that matches your old one, and fix the actions fed by the trigger.
  7. Save and turn on the child flow.
  8. You should now be able to call it from the new parent flow without the mismatch error.
  9. Remove the old flows from your solution!

Thank you @donalmc ! This process saved me a LOT of time when I encountered this frustrating limitation / defect!

I had the same issue ..  I have to recreate the parent flow within the solution, its kinda silly having to do this specially if the parent flow has so many steps, and if the child flow has to be called in several parent flows. 

Wish Microsoft will allow importing Child Flow within the solution, or why cant the imported parent flow automatically changed it subscriptions id, if it has been imported .. 

#5 is not available, importing a child flow into the solution? Or I'm looking at the wrong area?  cause all I see is +New + Add Existing, Delete ->Export and Publish all customization .. and the more option do not have any import =(

Resolver II
Resolver II

I just recently ran into this issue but in my case both workflow were created within the same solution.  Has anyone else encountered that?




I accept this procedure as the solution to fix this MS issue!

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Summary is that to avoid these subscription related errors in child flow. Create a copy of parent in which you need to use this child flow and then make that copy, your child flow.

Steps are below:

I just simply made a copy(save as) of parent flow,

Deleted the trigger(which was sharepoint in my case from this copy of parent flow),

Added on demand trigger(child flow trigger in this copy of parent flow),

Deleted all other actions.

Added this child flow to my solution.
Added this child flow to parent flow and it worked.

**You also will need to copy actions from older child flow in clipboard and paste in this new child flow

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