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Flow does not work upon creating an item on SharePoint or its modification (anymore)

Hi all,

I am just creating a simple flow for single approval of a method applied for purchasing cases. Buyers have to create new items related purchasing cases and they must be authorized and confirmed by managers. I built this flow with trigger : "when item is created or modified". In settings I incorporated the following trigger condition: 

@not(equals(triggerOutputs()?['body/Proposed Sourcing Method'],triggerOutputs()?['body/Column_copy_trigger'])


I need to achieve that only in case of change a value in column "Proposed Sourcing Method the flow must be triggered.

"Proposed Sourcing Method" is name of original column on the SharePoint list (type "Choice")

I also created something like backup column called "Column_copy_trigger" (type "Multiple line of texts)


Upon saving the flow, I can see Warnings for each Update Item as follows:

Actions in this flow may result in an infinite trigger loop. Please ensure you add appropriate conditional checks to prevent this flow from triggering itself .


Please photo of the flow below"Pic5_flow.png


A problem is that the flow upon creating a new item or in case of value change in column "Proposed Sourcing Method" on SharePoint does not work anymore. No change, the flow does not start/trigger anymore. I do not know if the trigger conditions is incorrectly defined in settings "When an item is created or modified" or I need to change something in all Update items cards ( update item 1 - I need to have changed status in column "Status" on "Pending", update item 2 - status changed to "Approved", update item 3 - status changed to "Rejected")

or in backup column "Column_copy_trigger"


I saw some techniques that some changes was done in PowerApps but I guess that If I write correct trigger conditions it could work sufficiently. 

Best scenario (nice to have) would be having that at least 2 conditions changed will mean triggering flow again. "Proposed Sourcing Method" or "Reasoning".  

In the end, main problem is that the flow does not trigger anymore right now.


If somebody might help me how to set out "trigger conditions", I would be thankful. 








Community Champion
Community Champion

Since submit status is of type choice, can you please change it like below?


['body/Proposed Sourcing Method'/Value]


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Hi Prasad,


I tried to use it as you proposed:

@not(equals(triggerOutputs()?['body/Proposed Sourcing Method'/Value],triggerOutputs()?['body/Column_copy_trigger']))

and also like

@not(equals(triggerOutputs()?['body/Proposed Sourcing Method'/Value],triggerOutputs()?['body/Column_copy_trigger'/Value]))


I got this message of below (it seems that something is wrong pic7.png

Rgds, Peter

I am sorry Peter. I just noticed that there is a single quote. Please see revised... Single Quotes should be ending after value...


['body/Proposed Sourcing Method/Value']

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Hi @PrasadAthalye Sorry for my delayed answer. I was quite busy by another topics at work. 

I tried out to make corrections in trigger conditions. It did not work I mean trigger/run did not fire.

I was compelled to start only with "When an item is created" in this concrete step. I will create some testing flows and I will try out it with "When an item is created and modified" . Peter

Looks like my last post wasn't saved and my bad. Please remove a single quote after the word Method and put it after the word Value. Please see the revised change below.


@not(equals(triggerOutputs()?['body/Proposed Sourcing Method/Value'],triggerOutputs()?['body/Column_copy_trigger']))



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