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Helper II

Flow error to update file properties after an approval operation

I have a flow, which works perfectly, except for the last action - update file properties.  I get the following error


The file " File name here.pdf" is not checked out. You must first check out this document before making changes.
clientRequestId: d3dfc5c8-6374-4779-9937-d42e7ff61fc4
serviceRequestId: d3dfc5c8-6374-4779-9937-d42e7ff61fc4


Now the crux of this is that the workflow will NOT run if I do not check the document in..... so how is this meant to work?.  I need to be able to update the file properties after its been approved, with the approval comments And the completion date, as well as another field for its status, which I will use in another workflow condition.


Here is my flow.


doc appvl workflow.png

Super User
Super User



From your flow configuration, it will run infinite times. And what kind of property you are trying to modify?




I am trying to add in the approval comments and the completed date into specific library columns, as well as a workflow limiter column, which will mean for each document the process will run only once - but as I said the file properties will not be updated because the file is checked in....  but the workflow won't run until the file is .... checked in.



are you manually doing check i check out? Can you use Check in file/Check out file action and try.



Yes I am manually checking the document in, in order for the file to start the process of being sent for approval.  I am not aware it can be done any other way, as I need the metadata which can now only be added after you've brought the document into the library.


how can I automate that check-in.


I have revision enabled as I want to control the revision and display the revision of the document in the library also.

@ hardesh15


Yes I am manually checking the document in, in order for the file to start the approval process.


But I also need the document to be revision controlled, so If I add an automatic check-out and check-in operation, with an Update file properties operation in between the check in and check out action, will this not increase my documents revision number again?



No matter what process you are following if anything is modifying in List/Library line item. it will create new entry in version history.




so let me understand this - microsoft have created a document control option which up revs a document record every time any change is made to the metadata, which in effect removes the actual document control, because its then the record which is controlled and NOT the document!


Therefore how can you ever record the actual workflow history in the document?


Surely this cannot be right.







When you edit document for example excel from document library in that case your version will be created without any comment. But when you do check in check out your version history will show you your published comment. Metadata associated with file will always be modified either you modify file or any column.



Comment "modify by flow" i put through flow check out and Check in  while blank comment i manually edited that file.





@Hardesh15 I still do not quite understand.


I have to check a file in to allow the approval process to start - is this right, because so far this seems to be the case.  BUT

To update the metadata fields associated with the file, it also must be checked out - is this right - because so far it seems to be the case.


If both are right, then the actual document version, and therefore the REVISION of the record will change - this is not document control it is record control.  Surely a workflow can update a document file properties metatdata column, without the full revision changing?

I'm in the same boat and it's mind boggling.  My flow job is running but it will not update the approver's name field because the file is not checked out.  Did you ever find a solution?

Nope, the whole thing is a total joke, and I ended up using 2 lists, one with the live actionable stuff, and one where the users can view the "approved" documents - so I added a create item and an update item action in a flow which has given me waay more flexibility that the out of the box library nonsense

Thanks.  My work around was to capture the Summary of the Approval process and input it into the Comments of the "Set content approval status"  it puts in there the approver's name, status, date.  Which is good enough for me.  

This solution is so elegant - you should do a write-up on this process as it was incredibly difficult to find this while searching for how to capture approver name in file properties when a document is checked out.  I used it to capture approver name, approval date, and any comments left by the approver.

Screenshot 2021-11-11 113057.png

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