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Flow fail to register in PowerApps



Flow cannot register at PowerApps when Flow condition value is come from PowerApp's value.





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same issue here.

I am still getting this error, created a new flow today.

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Was there a solution to this issue? 

If So can someone please direct me to it.



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Has there been any update to this?


I am creating a flow where I am checking for an editor field (ask in PowerApps) is something, then sending an approval email based on that. 
I cannot add this flow to the powerapp.  I get the "failed to register service '32369bff-a3e8-4a3'. 
I am relatively new to flows and powerapps, so if I am miss something obvious please let me know.  I am not even sure how to find the rest of that error message. 
Additionally, when I update the flow for an app - the new parameters do not come through.   The call to .Run the workflow has the previous parameters and there is not an obvious way to update/refresh this.  I even tried making a new powerapp after the flow was changed, and it didn't recognize the actual parameters coming from the flow
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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any update on this?

Nope - seems to be an issue that "is fixed" but isn't...

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I just found that if you create a flow from scratch with exactly the same info it suddenly works..

I have tried that, and it didn't work but I can try it again I suppose

Can I ask what method you used to make the Flow?  Did you make it within a PowerApp, or did you do it from the Flow menu?  I don't know if it makes a difference - I've tried both ways.  


If I knew what path you used to make yours maybe I'll try that way first.


Thank you,


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I'm using a Powerapps -> HTTP.
I just clicked 'Create a new Flow' in Powerapps which sends me to the create flow page. Then I made an empty HTTP flow and added it to powerapps. When it's added I just change everything in the flow.

Ok, this is possibly a dumb question.  What do you mean by PowerApp-->HTTP?  I've heard people talking about this, and I am not sure what it's referring to.  (sorry/thanks)

Hi @carrieNBI, @yukonn, @Anonymous and @Kvarsha.


This is just a suggestion not sure if it works or not.


Have you tried to create the flow, then go into the app and add this function/action manually on the OnSelect event or similar :

nameOfFlow.Run( parameter....)

Then add the flow using the GUI option

Hi @Rfla, yeah I have tried that way too.  I may be missing something pretty basic - but when I do that and go to Run the workflow with a button for example, the parameters don't update to what I have updated the flow to have.


For example, I created a flow without any conditions or required (from PA) parameters.  I can run "program" that one just fine in my button.  But when I add any "Ask in PowerApps" parameters, it give the error I mentioned above.


I had one original flow that took one parameter, and I could "program" it into my button.  The issue that came up with that is when I updated the flow, then went back to the app to update what I am sending in as parameters, the PowerApp did not recognize that there was an update to the parameters.  


So that is kind of the entire story at this point for me.  I am getting an error on one side, and having issues with PowerApps not recognizing my updated parameters in the working flow on the other side.  So I just can't get it working!

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This is the flow that I'm using and this is what I mean with PowerApps -> HTTP.
It basicly mean's I want to have a trigger in Powerapps that Send information trough a POST method to a webservice.


Edit: @carrieNBI Are you still having trouble with the failed to register notification? Or is it another problem you've got?

Not sure if you have the "premium" subscription or not. But could it be related to : (belive these are premium options only)

or (belive these are premium options only)

@Anonymous yes I am still having issues with the failed to register service, but I am kind of having multiple issues 🙂  This information helps a lot.  I'm going to try this and look into our subscription status info that @Rfla is suggesting as well.  


Thanks for the help guys....I will update this post after I've looked into these things.









so I have looked into this and I just want to restate my issue a little. 


I simply want to (in PowerApps) fire off a Flow from a button click.  The parameters I want to send in are just the itemID, and a couple custom fields I have on the Item.


I don't need HTTP, I just need to fire off the Flow.  So my issue is just that I cannot "register the service", so I cannot even kick off my workflow.  Additionally, if I update my Flow to have new parameters they don't refresh as options in my PowerApp. 


(Attaching Image of one workflow that doesn't throw the failed to register service, but has the original parameters and not the updated/relevant parameters I added after I saw how it worked)


The original post has an image attached of my exact failed to register service issue. 





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what does the flow do? I mean, What is it supposed to do?

Upon clicking the button on an item, I want to email the information to an approver (the approver name is a field on the item) for approval.


And then once they approve or reject - send an email and change the status of the item to approved, rejected, etc.

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