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Flow failing between Forms and Power BI. Any help much appreciated

I am trying to configure a flow from Microsoft Forms to Power BI.  I have this working ok, but when I add branching questions in Forms, I start receiving errors.


To explain further:


I essentially have a microsoft form containing a question with 3 options, A, B and C.  If the user selects A, the branching rules open all the subsequent A questions, then hides all the subsequent B and C questions.  Simialrly if B or C is selected.


I have a mixture of seperate Text and Numerical answers, however the flow always fails when one of the subsequent B questions is set as a 'Number' response in Power BI's dataset (see image below) and also one of the subsequent C questions set as a 'Number' response.


(Note there are no 'Number' format questions in the subsequent A questions.  I also have the Historical Data Analysis setting 'on' as I require allot of answers to be stored for review)





A sample error is shown below:


"error": {
"message""Error parsing request for dataset sobe_wowvirtualserver|590941f8-8b6e-4502-b3ec-e424243a4562: Conversion error on column '<pi>Requirements Clear</pi>': <pi>Input string was not in a correct format.</pi>"
If I change all the format settings to all questions in Power BI to 'Text' then the flow passes and outputs in Power BI.  However it then views the numbers as text in Power BI.  
Does anyone know how I can fix this so I can have multiple 'Number' format branched questions in Forms, and for the flow to succesfully output these to Power BI without the above error?  Let me know if you need any further information.
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @SimpoFlow ,


Could you please share more details about the question in the form?

Could you please share a screenshot of the configuration of your flow?

Could you please share a screenshot of the run history of the flow when it is run failed?

Please share more details so we would better understand the issue and pprovide a proper workaroud for you.



Best regards,



Community Support Team _ Alice Zhang
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Hello Alice, yes no problem.  Let me know if anything doesn't make sense.


The survey has been created in Microsoft Forms Pro to carry out some project reviews.  There are a few standard questions, then depending on the answer to the below question, the survey branches of to other relevant questions.  Thererfore if you answer Estimator, you then presented with different questions than if you had selected Project Manager.


The overall results will then be sent to Power BI via the Flow.  I have created a Streaming Data Set in Power BI where I have to set what type of data each question will output (either Text, Number, Date).  Historic data analysis has been truned on to keep all data collected.






The overall flow has been setup as per below.  (I learnt this all from the youtube video -


The full expression in the response id above is:




The problem occurs when the flow reaches the Site Team question (which is part of the Project Manager Branch) and this hasn't been filled in due to another branch being selected.  For example if Estimator was selected in question number 4, you would not see this question to answer it.  The flow seems to expect a numeric input and if it doesn't receive this it fails.  However this is strange as if I change the streaming data set to = text on this question in Power BI, the flow has no problems (when also only filling in the Estimator questions).




Below is the error that appears when carrying out the survey answering Estimator, and therefore not filling in the Site Team question.  (Note this question has not been set as 'Required' or mandatory to answer.)


First Body:


"Name": "CC",
"Date": "8/14/2019 8:21:31 AM",
"Role": "Estimator",
"Department": "Laser Scanning",
"Email": "anonymous",
"Project Name": "32658 Eaton Square",
"Project Feedback (Estimator)": "CC",
"Client Feedback (Estimator)": "CC",
"Suggested Actions (Estimator)": "CC",
"Site Team": ""
Second Body:
"error": {
"code": "InvalidRequest",
"message": "Error parsing request for dataset sobe_wowvirtualserver|590941f8-8b6e-4502-b3ec-e424243a4562: Conversion error on column '<pi>Site Team</pi>': <pi>Input string was not in a correct format.</pi>"
Therefore there seems to be an issue with survey questions set as Number format, that are not answered due to branching.  If all questions are set as text, then no problems.
I have also tried to see if I could convert the text to numbers in Power BI Desktop however had no luck finding a solution in power BI.  The only way I can see to do this is to create a new Measure, however I can't locate a command to convert the Realtimedata (I've also tried asking on the PowerBI website).


Note I have also removed most of the proceeding questions in my Form/Flow/BI Data Set to try to simplify expalining this.  There will be allot more questions containing numeric answers that need to be added.  Therefore if you can suggest a way in flow to fix this so that text and numeric answers can co-exist on a branched form/flow/BI that would be great.

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I'm  having a similar issue at the moment, were you ever able to get your problem solved?


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I have the same issue. Any one got this fixed?



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