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Flow for alert email

Hi, I am trying to create a flow from email body. Below is the email format we receive in a specific folder of shared mailbox.

##Starts below this line##

The Info message is:

Thu Nov 24 13:28:24 2022 : The number of messages in the workqueue (6307) has exceeded the configured threshold (500). For more information about this problem and how to remediate it, see the TechNote

Version: 14.3.0-023
Serial Number: 34564A4R1D3A161C6578-2F8A9FD4999F
Timestamp: 24 Nov 2022 13:41:23 +0000

To learn more about alerts, visit our support community and troubleshooting site.  In many cases, you can find more information about this specific alert.
For troubleshooting, see the following URL :
For ESA Support, see the Cisco Support Community site :

If you desire further information, please contact your support provider.

To open a support request for this issue, access the IronPort E400V
and issue the "supportrequest" command. The command sends an email with
diagnostic information directly to Cisco IronPort Customer Support to
facilitate a rapid diagnosis of the problem.

Thank you.

##Ends above this line##


The serial number it gives us in the email body we check against a list of our devices (we have 20 devices with different serial nums) finds the name of the device from the list and then we use the name to login to that device.

what i want here a flow to extract that Serial number from the body of the email and also this string "The number of messages in the workqueue (num)" and then check if that serial number matches "34564A4R1D3A161C6578-2F8A9FD4999F" its DEVICE-A or if it matches "34564A4R1D3A161C2348-2F8A9FD4345F" its DEVICE-B and then email that to my team saying DEVICE-A or DEVICE-B has "The number of messages in the workqueue (num)

Hope this make sense.

Power Participant
Power Participant

You would use the standard string parsing functions to extract the desired information.  What have you tried and where are you stuck?



Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @nwkhattak,

did you create the flow? 

Contact me if you are interested in custom Power Automate development.

I have started with zero knowledge of Power Automate.

This is what i have created so far.



Hi victor,

I have shared this in reply to Ibendlin message.

No need to convert the HTML to text. The email body text is available as a string parameter.



Frequent Visitor

I am getting this error. screenshot in my reply above.

I have reached this far now. But want to add something in the middle.


I managed to extract some info and serial number from the email in the flow.

Now before the last step which is send an email to me i want to add a step above that, to connect to a SharePoint list and check the found serial number in the flow against a Sharepoint list and send me the name for that serial number.
SharePoint list with Three Columns


any help will be much appreciated.

keep working - familiarize yourself with the available actions for sharepoint lists,  or (more sophisticated) how to run ODATA queries that are prefiltered.  You're making good progress.

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