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Flow for automatically creating subfolders running when file is created

Hi All,


I hope someone can help. I started using Power Automate a couple of days ago and I am currently struggling. 


I have set up a flow to create subfolders when a new client is added to the client folder, and this is working. 

However, I would like this flow to only run when a new "client" is added. Right now the flow is running everytime anything is done in the folder or the subfolders connected. 


Please see attached screenshots of the flow. 

Can anyone help me to solve this, to make sure that the flow only runs when a new folder is added to the "Kunder" folder?





Resolver I
Resolver I

To know whether or not a client exists currently, you'd have to reference existing clients in some way. If you created a SharePoint list that would auto populate with client names as they're folders are added, you'd be able to reference that list and use a conditional statement to figure out whether subfolders should be created or not. This is one of many approaches that could be taken here


Thank you for the reply. 

I am not sure if i explained my problem well enough. 


The problem I have, is that the flow is triggered anytime anyone does something in the folders connected to the set up I have. 

How can I make sure that the flow is only triggered when a folder is created in the "Kunder"-folder, and not when any other action is done?

I am grateful for any help. 




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