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Flow from Power App. Error: Item was not found in the cache


I am trying to start a complex flow from a button on Power App.

I managed to do it with simple ones, where I directly created the connection and then send an email, for example. However, I get an error with the more complex one and I am unable to pinpoint the reason.


If I try to add the flow to power app (action -> power automate -> add flow), this is the error:



I tested the flow I created and it runs successfully when I use a manual trigger in power automate. The problem is that when I create more steps in the flow, using the variable taken from power app, this warning appears: 





Since I knew which step I needed, I tried to create directly the complete flow from power app (action -> power automate -> add flow -> create new flow). However, it did not work (usual error: item not found in cache).


The objective is getting three text inputs from power app, which I save in variables. I use concat and replace to modify them and compose to use them in a query. Then I save a file with the results on SharePoint and send an email.


These are the tests I did:

1) Create flow 'Test' from power app, save variables, use concat and compose, send an email -> it worked

2) Modify existing flow 'Test', add step to create file in SharePoint -> it worked 

3) Modify  existing flow 'Test', add step to execute a simple query -> it did not work






It seems that the problem is the step to execute the query, however I already used it in another flow.


I check the other flow ('First flow'):

For some reason, when I tried to update it, I got an error. I was surprised because I am sure it worked correctly previously and I did not change anything, it was just an attempt to check the connection to power automate. 

The error was: "it may be necessary to modify manually the flow or to delete and add it again". I had nothing to modify, so I decided to try to delete it. When I tried to add it again, I got the usual error:


I did not save the app, so I could open it again with the flow connection. I tried to press the button and it gave me the following warning ("not possible to analyze connection of invoker from output trigger 'manual'. Execption: no valid conneciton has been found for the connection called 'shared_sqldw' in intestation token APIM"):


I tried to follow the suggestion in this post (, however changing the name of the flow and replacing all its calls did not solve the issue. When I try to add the connection back in the app, I have again this error:



I don't think the problem is the 'PREMIUM' tag either, because the 'First flow' worked perfectly fine previously.



Can somebody help me understand how to fix the situation? I do not know what that message regarding the cache is trying to tell me.

Thank you!






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Problem solved, I was simply using the wrong "Execute a SQL query"




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Problem solved, I was simply using the wrong "Execute a SQL query"




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