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Flow: get multiple values from sharepoint column for CSV table

I have created a flow using the following options:

Get Items (Sharepoint List)

Fiter Array


Create CSV Table

Send Email.


For the select option - I have selected various fields from my sharepoint list including one which is a multiple selection field.


The flow works and exports to CSV - however the output for the multi-selct field is a long string which includes the value retrieved i.e


[{"@odata.type":"#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference","Id":0,"Value":"Main Hall"},{"@odata.type":"#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference","Id":1,"Value":"Dining Room"},{"@odata.type":"#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference","Id":3,"Value":"Kitchen"}]


What I would like is to receive the values seperated by a comma or semi colon to make this more user friendly. for example in the output above it should ideally read: Main Hall; Dining Room; Kitchen


Any suggestions as to how I can do this by either manipulating the output string as an additional step in the flow or changing the way I collect the data for this column.


Thanks in advance




Hi All, an extra tip on how to remove the brackets and the double quotes for this amazing solution from Microsoft staff.  You can simply put the xpath expression into a Join data operation with any delimiter such as a comma and space. The output will now be a, b, c  instead of ["a","b","c"]. Hope this helps others!!

Xpath Join Pic 01.png.jpgXpath Join Pic 02.png.jpg

I have a flow that gets items from a Sharepoint list view and outputs the value columns to CSV. One of the columns is a multiple choice lookup column where I want to output all values selected in a list like Project1,Project2, etc. I have followed the example flows here and am unable to get it to output successfully - right now it outputs empty [ ] in that column. I have tried many different solutions posted to the community for the same issue -- outputting multiple values in a singular cell within a CSV -- all with no success.

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