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Advocate I
Advocate I

Flow not retaining non exchange email address set as requirement for trigger

Hi all.


I'm trying to set up a flow for when a certain email address not within the exchange group (A member of the public for example) emails me, to export the email to a SharePoint document Library.


However when using any variant of the "When an email arrives" trigger, when entering this person's email address in the "To:" field. It'll not give any error messages, but when I save the flow and exit out of it and go back in, the email address has disappeared and the field is empty. It will only accept anything within the Exchange Group.


Is there a way around this?

New Member

I got this to work by exporting the flow and editing the definition.json file.  When you export the flow it will save a zip file to you computer.  Extract the file and you will see:






Open the definition.json file and locate the triggers key.  Under 'inputs' and then under 'parameters' you will see a "from" field which is a semi-colon separated list of email addresses.  I would suggest adding valid emails from your company before you export so that the from field is populated and you simply have to edit the text.




Once you have edited the text, save the file and then go back to the folder that has the "Microsoft.Flow" folder and the manifest.json file.  Highlight both the folder and the file and create a zip file.  


You should be able to import this zip file into Power Automate and you will see your external email addresses are there.

Advocate II
Advocate II

I tried DWC_NZ's fix. It worked the day I did it, but stopped working two days later. 😕

Helper I
Helper I

Trigger does not work, when entering the following string as condition 

@equals(triggerOutputs()?['body/from'], '')

the TAB method as described does not work too - there is no reply from exchange with proposed e-mail adresses 

Did you try exporting the flow and adding the email addresses manually as shown in "Message 41"?

Frequent Visitor

I've found the Android app workaround is still the best option for me. Simply run that app using Your Phone on your PC and edit the email fields there.

New Member

Today I have been able to add an email to the From line using TAB as I used to. It's looks as though this error may have been corrected.

Frequent Visitor

Could anyone else confirm @ScottKV8s ability to add non-domain emails in the from field of the web app? I can still not get that to work (and stick upon save).

Regular Visitor

just tried - still doesnt work for me

Frequent Visitor

works for me now, using ENTER or TAB

Frequent Visitor

Confirmed. Works for me as well again. 👍

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