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Helper I

Flow not returning values that are in the list

Good day all!


I have a flow that runs successfully but the results are not what I expect. I have recurring flow, that uses get items, I have the site and list correct with no issues. I then apply a condition to each which says DueDay = string(18). Then if yes it should send an email. I used 18 as a test because I know there are values of 18 in the DueDay column. DueDay is a calculated column but I am not getting any errors due to that. I am not sure what I am missing.


In short I want to search my list for when an item is due in a number of days (18 as a test but will be more like less than 30, less than 15, etc.) and then send a person in the list an email. Am I approaching this the right way?




Super User
Super User

Hi there, 


So when you're using a calculated column, it does some fun stuff without telling anyone.

It's always a good idea to run your flow to check what your outputs look like. My test one looks like this:



So, you could do "starts with" string('11.0') - and that'll work for you.




Hi Rhia! Love your username BTW! I was able to get it to work to search for 18 by adding a filter array prior to the apply to each function. I saw another post prior to reading yours. I appreciate your response. My next issue is that it is sending out one email per item found, so I am now trying to get it to consolidate results on a table and send out one email. 


My next hurdle is getting one email to responsible parties that have more than one item assigned to them. 

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Super User

I think in that scenario I'd probably first do a "Select" on the responsible party names, and then do a Union() so you can find the unique ones. Once that's done, I'd go into the "Apply to Each" from the Union output (as it will now hold just the unique names), use that Current Item to filter the array, and then in THAT array, filter based on the date range. You will be able to use that output in an HTML Table action, and plop it into an email to the current responsible person. Once it has done that, it will loop to the next unique individual person.

Hi again Rhia! I got the select on responsible parties but i am not familiar with the "union" expression. I did a compose right after the select and then typed in union in the expression but i am not sure what arrays to put in? Did I miss a step?

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Super User

Union is a very neat expression - but it is super weird how it works. You'll use a Compose, and you'll union an array with itself. So for example, Union(outputs[Select],outputs[Select]) - it matches everything unique between the two and only brings those back. 

Helper I
Helper I

I am getting an error that the expression is invalid when I do as you stated. My expression is as follows



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Super User

Ahhh sorry, I didn't mean that literally, I was just trying to show some example text haha - my bad.


You need to use dynamic content where I said the outputs[Select] before. So for example, I just built one in my tenant, and it looks like this:


"body('Select')" is what is put in when I select dynamic content for the "Select" action.

Ahhhhhhhhhh...thank you for that Rhia. I had not yet seen that when dynamic appears in an expression. I have input and it works. Now on to the next steps. 


Thank you so much for your help!!!!!!! I am making progress on this finally!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to be the pest but I need some @Rhiassuring .... my filter array is not working now that I am doing it after the select. I am not sure i am using the correct dynamic content



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