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Flow not triggered on item creation in SharePoint List Item


We have set up flow to get triggered when a new item is created in a SharePoint List. However our observation is that the flow is behaving inconsistent that it does not get triggered for all the new items created. We were able to re-pro this same behavior across 2 different flows tat we have setup on our SharePoint portal. The list items are created in these lists using SharePoint SPFx through REST API. Does anyone had similar issue with item creation trigger? Appreciate any inputs on this.



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@Padmaja - I have seen similar behavior with this action but a different way. I was creating Items using SharePoint Designer by using Copy action. I opened a ticket with Microsoft and what I learned is that since Created Timestamp is not changing and in the past, flow trigger is ignoring it. I do not know if something similar kind of issue exist in your case. Better to open a case with Microsoft. 


Meanwhile, My recommendation is to change a trigger to HTTP and invoke it from SPFX once you save item.


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Thank you for your inputs Prasad on the workaround. Having said that it would require us to go through the publishing cycle for our SPFx for this change. We would like to know if this is a known issue/limitation with item creation trigger itself before taking that route. We were able to see the new list items getting created in the list and wondering on why the flow is not getting invoked. Any further inputs from community team on this would be appreciated.

@Padmaja - Did you check with Power Automate Product team? May be you can open a case with them.


Also can you check if you find that under Skipped flow runs, you see the log of these events?

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We have not opened the case with Product Team yet. We do not see them in the skipped runs as well.

Additional details: Through SPFx whenever the user adds an entry in Parent list, we create multiple items in child list. The issue that we observe is with the flow tagged in child list. Observation is, if we are creating for eg 5 items at once in a child list from SPFx, only for the very first item the flow gets triggered but not for the rest of child list items.

Ok that may be a different issue. There are limits to how many number of flow runs you can run in a minute. Refer following limits for Microsoft flow. If you trigger same flow multiple times in a minute, I guess that wont trigger it. I think it will be queued may be.


Run duration and retention

These are the limits for a single flow run.

Run duration30 daysIncludes workflows with pending steps like approvals. After 30 days, any pending steps time-out.
Storage retention30 daysThis is from the run start time.
Min recurrence interval1 minute 
Max recurrence interval500 days 
Max run history retention28 days, per GDPR rules. 
Minimum postpone interval - Free and Plan 1 license5 seconds 
Minimum postpone interval - Plan 2 license1 second


It will be great to design architecture considering flow limits and software boundaries. I will again recommend to trigger it using http trigger. Also in your case, you can just execute 1 Flow run per master entry and loop through all child entries to take an action.


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Thanks for details. This is surfaced while we migrate SPD workflows to flows on an existing application. As we see the requests are not even getting queued. If the below Min recurrence interval of 1 minute is for the number of instances that an get triggered may be we are hitting that limit. But could not find any confirmation as such on that. We will look at the alternate options.

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