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Flow running on all items even tho I edit a single item

I have a flow that I want to update some fields depending on if they have changed. So I have built it out and have it working. However when the flow runs after updating a single item,  it will also run on all other items in the list. I am don't understand why it is doing that.


Here are some screenshots of the high level flow, one of the updates in the flow ( 3 parallel) and the run history.


For this set of history I updated item #1 using the classic form.

Top level.jpg

Get item.jpg

Update item.jpg


Run history.jpg


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @kaso78 

The logic you had implemented will trigger for all the items created or modified, irrespective of whether you have updated the required column or not. You can modify the trigger condition to check whether the particular field is updated or not. The other option is to schedule the flow daily and then check for all the items version history and if the particular field is updated then you can implement your business logic.

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-Sudharsan K...

Maybe I wasn't clear on my original post.  The flow is running for every item in the list and not just the 1 that is being updated.


i.e When I modify ID=1 the flow kicks off and then it runs on all the other items too.

Hi @kaso78 

The flow would trigger only for the items that are created or modified. It wouldn't trigger for all the items if any of an item is created or modified unless there is some other flow that would trigger the update of other items. Can you please check whether you are using only this flow on the particular list? Also, you had used 'Get Item' action which I think is not required, since the trigger will return all the required fields, in this case, 'ID' which is already returned by the trigger action 'When an item is created or modified'.

Hope it helps, please like it or mark it as a solution if it resolves your clarification or issue
-Sudharsan K...


I have removed the reference to Get item and I try and update a single item, but the flow is showing that it is running on every single item in the list.  Is it possible that I am using the update item incorrectly?


I am excepting that when item ID =1 is modified that only item 1 will get updated by the flow(given that the conditions are correct) and no  other item will be updated.

kaso78 - I know this is an older post.  However, did you ever determine a fix.  This is happening to me and it's driving me crazy. 

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