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Flow subtracting 1 day from data received from Jotform connector

We have a flow that basically adds data entered on an online Form (Jotform) to a Sharepoint list and at the same time sends an email with the entered data.


For some reason, the data is displayed correctly into the email that is sent, however the dates that are being entered in the Sharepoint List (birth date, date of drivers license, etc...), it keeps setting the date -1. So this entry:




Gets added into the email correctly, but in the Sharepoint it's displayed:




I tried solving it by by adding a "compose" function that sets the date from the Jotform data:





formatDateTime(triggerBody()?['22 - Geboortedatum'],'dd-MM-yyy')





This gets the date correctly, however in the wrong format. Where I have set the date as dd-MM-yyy (so the "Geboortedatum" should display 10-11-1988 being 10th November 1988), it displays the data as yyyy-dd-MM in the sent email and even MM-dd-yyyy in the Sharepoint list... I have an Excel file that is linked to the Sharepoint list and in the Excel, it still shows the date as 10/10/1988. So in Excel, it still subtracts a day with the data being correctly in Sharepoint...


So there are two problems:

1) Sharepoint/link with Excel subtracting a day;

2) Date being in the wrong format, not getting it dd-MM-yyyy


The regional settings of both Microsoft (Sharepoint site as well as my account) and Jotform are both set correctly, UTC +1, Brussels.


I'm at a loss here 😄

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Hello @DanielVegaG 


As I understand it and have read somewhere, then SharePoint Online stores datetime values in UTC! This means that your datetime is correct. It is only when you use it in a way that is not aware of the timezone that the result may be wrong.


When you used the datetime in an action to send an email, the action included the timezone information, which meant that your mail application used that information to display the datetime correctly.

Hope this helps a little 🙂

Kind regards, John

Hi John,


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I don't really understand, so I have set the timezones correctly?


I still don't receive the correct info in the Sharepoint, where it keeps subtracting 1 day from the input data... If a user fills in 10th November 1988, in the List, it appears as 9th November 1988, etc...


Thanks again.

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