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Flow to modify copied events between two calendars appears to be acting on delete condition when source event is not deleted

Hi - I'm struggling with one of my flows. I have two calendars (both MS365) that are synced with flows. The second calendar copies the event name and times and records the busy/free/etc feature. For my own organization, I divided them into three flows: (1) one that creates a new event when a new event is created (I copy the Event ID into the body of the copied event so I can keep track of it), (2) one that modifies a copied event (based on this copied ID) if the original is modified, and (3) one that marks the copy as deleted if the original is deleted by adding the word "deleted" to the title (as I wanted to know what used to be there) - it also changes it to "free".


What I've seen over the last few months is that my third flow appears to be running on events that are NOT deleted in the original calendar, sometimes MANY times - I am finding events in the second calendar titled "Original Title deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted" and similar. However, the original event is still there and has not been deleted. What's going on here?


I'm imagining that the flow could be triggered (I use "When an event is added, updated or deleted (V3)") if, for example, who is invited is changed (would it trigger if someone accepted it?), but I don't understand why it is continuing to run past the Condition checking for deletion (If "body/Action Type" is equal to "deleted").


Has something changed in the last few months about how calendars work? Is there some kind of deleted Action Type that can occur if the event isn't actually deleted?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @silverarden 


Can you share your flow?

I suspect you have an infinite loop, have you tried adding a trigger condition?


Kind regards.

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