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Flow to move SharePoint list items to an archive list.

Good morning all,


I've searched the forum but couldn't seem to find a solution, apologies if this has been covered before. This is the first flow I've created so apologies if my terminology is incorrect.


I have a desk booking app in PowerApps which populates a SharePoint list called Desk Reservations.


I have copied this list using ShareGate to create an exact copy called Desk Reservations Archive without any content.


The idea is to create a flow that runs at 3am every morning to move all items from the Desk Reservations list to the Desk Reservations Archive list that have a date & time of yesterday or earlier in the CheckOutFrom column.

It appears there is no OOTB action to move a SharePoint list item (there must be a reason for this as you can move a folder) so I've created the following flow:



The flow looks like it works and copies the item into the archive list but unfortunately I have the following issues:


  • The original list item doesn't get deleted.
  • The Created By & Modified By fields are populated by my account but I need these to be populated by the original list item data.
  • There is another column ReservedBy which is a person or Group column but I can't seem to select this in the create item action nor can I see anywhere to add the column to map it.



Any help or pointers I would be most appreciative as to what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Dual Super User II
Dual Super User II


Is the Reserved by Person column single or multiple selecting?

If single selection an easy solution is to add the Create Item Step and fill it with the Reserved by Claims and this will automatically insert the apply to each loop.

Regarding the delete have you checked the flow history to check if it is failing?



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Blog: here



That solved the ReservedBy issue, thank you very much.


Do you know how I can copy the Created, Created By, Modified & Modified By Colum information as well as there is no option to map these?  A requirement of this flow is for the information to stay intact in the archived list.


Re the deleted part of the flow, it completes successfully but the items remain in the old list.  Does it look like I've gone down the wrong track for the deletion part of the flow?




1. Created by / Modified By currently does not appear on the create item , so you need to create 2 new fields of type Person for example: OriginCreatedBy and OriginModifiedBy and then you will have to set them the same way you did with the reserved by

2. For the delete it looks like the step is correct, i have made a test on my side and it is working..are you sure you can delete manually? 


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Blog: here



Thank you for your help with this.


I persevered and found this blog post Update the Created By (AuthorID) Field of a ShareP... - Power Platform Community ( and have now been able to update the Created BY & Modified By fields.

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