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Advocate II
Advocate II

Flow to record info from Forms in SharePoint list including the Submitter (as person)

I have a very simple form created in Microsoft Forms (one free text question). I am trying to create a simple Flow that will take the answer to the question, and the responder and insert these details into a new item in a SharePoint list. In the SharePoint list, the "created by" column is always populated by my account (as the flow creator) and not with the responder to the original Form - so in the Flow I'm trying to populate a person picker field with the responder of the original Form. In doing so it appears I'm only able to use the "Responder's email", and when trying to populate a person picker field with this, it fails. I am able to populate a single text field with the responder's email, but I need to populate a person picker field, as I will have a Powershell script that runs on this data and I need tog et further information about who the user is.


Can somebody please let me know how I can achieve this please. I'm new to Flow/Forms and thought this was going to be very simple!

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @JojenReed,


Could you please share a screenshot of your flow's configuration?

Could you please show a bit more about your SharePoint list?

Could you please show a bit more about the error message?

Futher, do you want to populate a custom Person or Group type column with the Responder of the original Form?


I have created a SharePoint list on my side and the data structure of it as below:21.JPG

Note: The Product Name column and Product Area column are both Single line of text type column, Product Date column is  Date type column, the Responder column is a Person or Group type column.


I have made a test on my side and don't have the issue that you mentioned. My flow's configuration as below:22.JPG

The flow works successfully as below:23.JPG





If you want to populate a Person or Group type column with "Responder's email" dynamic content, please make sure that the Responder of your original form is a member of your Office 365 organization or group (or SharePoint group). If the responder doesn't exist in your Office 365 organization or group (or SharePoint group), the "Responder's email" dynamic content could not be filled within your custom person picker field (Person or Group type column).


Best regards,



Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Hi Kris,


Thanks for your response


I (the form & flow creator) was the responder. It only fails when I use the Responder's email to set the person picker field - when I send the resp[onder's email to a single text field it works fine.


Here's my Flow ...

THe Flow.png

Here's the error message (part 1):


Part 2:


Form Settings:



Hi JojenReed & Kris,

Same issue here. Unable to populate "Person or Group" column type in SharePoint Online with the Forms' Responder's Email


Something new ? 🙂

New Member

Hi All,


Is it possible the other way around? Submitting a Microsoft Form from data in a sharepoint list (or excel table maybe)



I have the same issue - the OR described a solution, then the OP stated that hadn't fixed the issue.  Come on guys...!


1.  Have a Sharepoint list you want to populate using a form to capture various data - one of these data being the person who submitted the form.  By default, any updates to a Sharepoint list using the form updates the 'Created By' field with the person who created the form *not* the person who submitted the form.


2.  How do you create the Flow such that the person who submits the form is then the same 'Created By' person when the SP list is updated.


Thanks in advance, this is really driving me crazy

Thanks - just trying: - act

I get stuck in the choice of "apply to each: ( and I can´t upload screen shoots  telling me that I haven´t got permission.


offered dynamic connectors are : Body; List of response notification resource Data; List of response notification item and list of response notification response ID

what should I choose?



Hi @WarwickHWHydroc  


could you to find a solution for this? I want to allow to the users to see only their owner items in a list when they fill in a form.....


Thanks you

Regular Visitor

As with many others, I have not found a solution to this. The solutions I've tried have been complex and messy and far beyond what would be expected of software that is described as 'no-code'.


I want what the OP seems to want: I send a Microsoft Form to users, they enter information, the information gets transferred by a Flow to a Sharepoint List. I want the Sharepoint List items to show up as Created By the form submitter (not me, the Flow creator). I want this so that I can use the built-in Item-level permissions on the Sharepoint List so users could find the list and edit only their own submissions.


Is there a better way to do this (ideally in the Microsoft ecosystem)?

I want the solution to be maintainable, ideally by someone less tech-savvy than myself.


Tried this, didn't work:

Frequent Visitor

@rl17 look this


  1. Create item
  2. Stop sharing item
  3. Grant form creator view access to item
Regular Visitor

@Willy_  - thanks - that seemed promising but it's still not working.

I added that step to my Flow, and I do see item-specific permissions being granted. The person submitting the form now has Contribute permission but so far the people I've tested with have been unable to actually edit their items. Very strange, no idea what's going wrong,

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