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Helper IV
Helper IV

Flow to run on SharePoint page being published

Is it possible to trigger a Flow to send an email when it reads that a SharePoint page has been published? Currently I have it when a list item is modified, but this isn't really effective as it is sending multiple emails per page, due to the stages you need to actually publish it.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ Sammy,


Could you please explain more about the "trigger a Flow to send an email when it reads that a SharePoint page has been published" that you mentioned?


Could you please share a screenshot of your flow?

Do you want to send an email with the modified item in your sharepoint list when an item is modified?

Or do you want to send an email with all items in your sharepoint list when an item is modified? 


Please share more details or your flow and your needs so we could provide a proper workaround for you.



Alice Zhang

Hi Alice,


I have a Flow which currently starts when a list item (in my case a page on SharePoint) if modified. What I want instead is the Flow to only run when the page Approval Status = Published.


I have attached a screenshot of what I currently have:





Hi @ Sammy,


Microsoft flow support to trigger a flow when an item is created or modified,

Triggering a flow base on a column value is equal to a specific value is not supported in microsoft flow currently.


If you want tthe flow to run only when the page is modified when the value in "Approval Status" column is equal to "Published",

I afraid that there is no way to achieve your needs in Microsoft Flow currently.


If you would like this feature to be added in Microsoft Flow, please submit an idea to Flow Ideas Forum:


As an alternative way, you could add a condition under the trigger to check if the value in "Approval Status" column is equal to "Published", if the the value in "Approval Status" column is equal to "Published",add some actions to do something you want the flow to do, if the the value in "Approval Status" column isn't equal to "Published", do nothing.


Please let me know if your issue is soved.


Alice Zhang

Hi Alice,


Your alternative method is exactly what I'm trying to acheive. But when I add a condition in, "Approval Status" is not one of the options it brings up. How do I get the dynamic content to include "Approval Status"? I've attached a screenshot below:



Hi @ Sammy,


Have you added  a "Approval Status" column in your sharepoint list?

If you have added  a choice type "Approval Status" column in your sharepoint list as below:



you could choose the "Approval Status value" dynamic content of the trigger as below:




Alice Zhang

Hi @v-yuazh-msft


This would work in some cases but it wouldn't work in cases where a page has been scheduled and automatically publishes itself which I need. The process you have given looks like the approval status would need to be manually changed to Approved, whereas I want it to be based on the SharePoint OOTB Approval Status field.

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