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Flow trigger on the wrong item



I have encountered another weird behavior and I would like to know if it's something common or not.


I have several flows on sharepoint lists with trigger being: when an item is created or modified.

Typical example: when an item is created or modified, extract the value of a selected column (being a look-up) into a single line of text (to be able to do something with it) for the created or modified item. So it's a two-step flow, really basic.


But what's weird is that I can create new item, my flow is somehow "locked" on another item and each creation will indeed trigger the flow, but the flow will run on this other item, not the newly created one.


EDIT: I tried to workaround by putting a control condition like if my single line of text value is equal to the look-up value I want to extract, then do nothing, else, update the item.

Result: the flow is still locked but has also trigger on new item. But, it won't trigger on modification of said new item.


Naturally I did not modified the other item (since some days now).


Any idea ? 🙂

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,


Could you share a screenshot of your flow? I am trying to reproduce this issue.

By the way, I’m not sure with “But what's weird is that I can create new item, my flow is somehow "locked" on another item and each creation will indeed trigger the flow, but the flow will run on this other item, not the newly created one”. Do you mean that you want to the flow to be triggered by the new item, however, it is locked on other item, such as a modified item?

Please share more clarification on your issue for better understanding.


Best regards,



Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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Hi @v-yamao-msft ,


Thank you for your answer and sorry, I was not available sooner.


I can't for two reasons:

  1. It does not happen on a single flow, but it happens on several different flows or different versions/trial of the same flow (when I create one, then delete it, then recreate it with a different architecture or condition).
  2. It does not appear in the building of the flow, rather within the history of trigger.


Like (for instance, not related just to show where I discovered the issue):



I click on the right arrow to have the details of execution and within this I saw that the selected item was not the correct one.


My procedure:

I create an item (flow should be triggered).

Then either:

- the flow triggers normally on this item solely (nothing wrong here).


- the flow triggers on this item and another already existing one that I did not touch (at least the item I want is triggered).


- the flow triggers on another item only (and even if I create several more new item, it still triggers as in my case 2 or 3) and here is the issue.


My flows are:

When I create something in a library (through the windows explorer GUI, synced with OneDrive) or modify its name in the windows GUI - folder or file - I want to extract the name into a single line of text column.


When I create or modify an item (that has a look-up column) I extract the value of the lookup to be able to use it.


Is it better ?

PS: I even began to explain it here: while I described the procedure of my library flow (post to which you answered too) 🙂

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Hi again @v-yamao-msft 


I did tried to reproduce the issue, and you will be happy, I did it ! 🙂

Herebelow, 4 screens from few minutes ago, they are hot as bread just out of the oven 😉

Screen 2: creation of a folder,  flow did not trigger on Folder 4 (otherwise the title column would not be blank), the last trigger was on Test 6.

Screen 2Screen 2


Then Screen 3: Creation of Test 7 and ... TADAAAM ... magic ! The flow did trigger ... On Folder 4.

I don't know why and how.


Screen 3Screen 3

Then Screen 4: the detail of the last trigger (the 19 secondes ago on Screen 3), as you can see the triggered ID is 11... the ID of Folder 4.


Screen 4Screen 4

And I let few minutes pass before taking Screen 5: as you can see, nothing more happened, Test 7 is still left alone, without having triggered the Flow for himself.




Just to make sure you have everything, I'll post the Flow architecture in few minutes.



A little noob trying his best

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Hi @v-yamao-msft ,


I promise, normally on this topic, it's the last post for today 🙂

Herebelow the architecture of the Flow.

I translated in english the step and the name so as to facilitate the understanding, but my organisation's O365 is not set up to english.




Thank you in advance for your help,

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