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Flow with conditions for emails - please help

Hi community 


hope everyone is doing well ☺️

please be so kind as to assist.


I’m trying to add a condition to a flow I’m creating for emails I receive in my inbox for service alerts.


My Basic understanding is there. I’ve gotten it to work with “alerting” me on my phone if a particular email has come through with “RED”. That’s a pretty simple task.


what I’m looking to do. . . Is to be alerted. . .  based on a condition of another email not arriving within 5 minutes with “GREEN” in the subject.


so. . . I’m looking to be alerted if an email arrives with the body containing the word “RED” but ONLY if another email has not been received within the next 5 minutes with the word “GREEN”.


If I am confusing anything in any way . . . Please let me know. 

your assistance would be greatly appreciated



Community Champion
Community Champion

@Mrdwainpaul  that will be accessing data across flow run, to do that you can store the red data in SharePoint list and then when you get green data query SharePoint list if there is corresponding red data, then send the alert 

Anna Jhaveri

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