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Forms to Flow automation - building flow criteria (based on forms survey responses) to open different web pages

Thread/conversation closed here and re-started with this post- just proactively confirming this is not a multipost.


Hi all-


I've created a form that has 6 questions (I'm trying to automate a business process). I need them to answer ALL six of the questions and hit submit - I'm not using branching logic within forms because it appears to be tied to each question, so if I branch off of Q1, they never get to answer the subsequent questions.


The first 5 questions have 3 radiobuttons each. All 5 of these questions are required. I didn't see a way to make forms assign a variable to each possible answer, so I prefaced the text on each radiobutton with the strings (a), (b), and (c) so I can just search whether the selected response contains "(a)", "(b)", or "(c)" to know what they picked.


The 6th question has 6 checkboxes, the question is not required and multiple answers are permitted. I don't care about the text of these answers - I just care whether they clicked any boxes at all.


This is an "intake" form. Depending on the responses, when they submit the form I would like to show them (e.g., open) one of three URLs. I guess it doesn't have to be a URL, but I do want to give them immediate onscreen feedback without waiting for an email - I'd like flow to just pop up the "outcome" of their intake


If answers to the first 5 questions include any (c) OR any checkboxes are checked => go to output page 1 ("call us")

If answers to the first 5 questions include any (b) and no checkboxes are checked => go to output page 2 ("call HR")

If answers to the first 5 questions are all (a) and no checkboxes are checked => go to output page 3 ("you've got this")


I've been trying to figure out how to do this in flow, but flow's logic isn't intuitive to me. My first step in Flow is to trigger based on a new response submission using the form ID. That part seems to be working.


I then use an "apply to each" and have tried countless versions of "list of response notifications with direct or subtasks generally including contains(triggerBody()?['(C)']I've also tried that with quotes "(C)"


Are there any walkthroughs or recommended websites that show how to use flow to evaluate the contents of each user response to drive different events/outcomes based on a forms submission? I imagine this must be a common use case, but all of my searching has ended up with self-grading quizzes, or flow that just grabs the data without analyzing it (to drop into email, sharepoint, etc)

p.s.: I didn't use 'quiz' in Forms because there are no right or wrong answers, and I want them to fill out the whole form without any feedback. I just need to figure out how to process their input in order to decide which of the three web pages should load for them when they submit their feedback


Thank you for any direction including pointers to helpful blogs or websites (or, a more appropriate forum for Flow questions) !!

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Resident Rockstar



I will have a pop at this for you but what would be useful, is if you can post an image of your form or perhaps, a link to the live form.


I will recreate it and build the logic.


This isn't straight forward, but will be achieveable so post back with the above and I will work with the detail in your initial post and return when done.


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Any other questions, just ask.


Thanks, Alan


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Super User


In your description, you say the following:

" I'd like flow to just pop up the "outcome" of their intake"


Is your goal is to have Flow display something for the user immediately after they submit the form?  If this is the goal, then Flow won't be able to help....




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