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Forms to SharePoint condition with multiple choice response save to multiple SharePoint site


I have created Microsoft Form with multiple dropdown option (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J).  I have 10(ten) SharePoint sites. when  response is submitted in form i want to save response in SharePoint site. If they select A it should save in A Site, If they select B is should save in B site. Please help me how to create power auto flow for this.



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

You can just concat your form response with the word ' Site'. 


So for example, create an expression of: 

   concat(FORMFIELD, ' Site'). 


Replace FORMFIELD with your dynamic content from a "Get response details" action, using the field you are storing your lettes (A, B, C, D,...) in. 


Her is an example: 


The expression here says: 

concat(outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/r743843e3aacc40308a8c75593a47ab11'],' site')



Thank you for your response. I am not expert and i am getting below error. Is there a way you can show me step-by-step process.




Have you selected a Form in the When a new response is submitted trigger?



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Yes, I have selected my form(screenshot below). Do you think I have to create new form because I am not able to see Form ID? I am using same admin account.





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Solution Sage

That is weird you can find the form in "Whan a new response is submitted", yet you can't in "Get response details". I've had it before where I couldbn't select it in the first box before....but I got around it was to: 


1. Go to my form

2. Look in URL and copy formID (at the end of the url) 

Screenshot 2021-07-01 10.09.29 AM.png

3. Paste the ID into that field

What about response ID?  "Response ID" ?


Here is one flow that I have created yesterday and working . Adding all response to SharePoint list but I want only B response in SharePoint list when they select option " B" can you please tell me how and where what logic I have to add .





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