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Forms to update a sparepoint list using forms



I'm new to Flow and while colleagues have been able to help a little, I'm now stuck. 


We are trying to capture the status of an upgrade progress of hardware and logging it in 1 SP list. The idea being that the form will update the existing data in the list and not just add another row. 



User brings old laptop in, agrees to upgrade, leaves laptop with IT (this is all logged), user then comes back and collect the laptop (this is then logged and updates the record). 


This was going to be done by 2 forms, but I'm open to options. 


This is what I've done:



This is the error message (relating to the Get Items filter query):

"Column 'IT_tag_returnedPC' does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.\r\nclientRequestId: ea8627d4-7202-4-84af-868d3bfad79\r\nserviceRequestId: 1fc0cd9e--8000-14b6-96ce6302dfe3"


I'm sure I'm just going about this wrong, but I lost. Any help of how to fix this or how better to do this would be much appreciated. 


Also why does Forms set the collumns to the full questions - is there a way of changing this?

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Re: Forms to update a sparepoint list using forms

I don't know if this is the problem or not, but just to rule it out, try to wrap the "IT tag of current users laptop" in teh Filter box with single ticks ', like 'IT tag of current users laptop'.  Though, it sounds like it would be alot easier to just have the user or IT person update the list directly and not add Forms to the mix.  What is Forms doing for you that the standard List is not?  If you need it fancy, you could also modify with PowerApps.  


But for the sake of your issue, have you changed the list recently?  Perhaps I would change the List to a different one, then pick your Laptop Upgrade list again to be sure it reads the latest version of the column schema.  


Re: the Forms question, there is no way to change that.  That is just how the Forms connector works.

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Re: Forms to update a sparepoint list using forms

Hi dougallen

Thanks for your reply. I tried this before, but it seems to take the actual IT tag from the response as a collumn

"Column 'IT023232' does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user. ... ."


I'm using a form due to the way the upgrade is being handled - a temporary staff will fill out the form (which has conditional questions to inform them what to do in each scenario) for the user. 
If this isn't possible then we'll have to find an alternative, but it doesn't seem like it should be so hard to implement?


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