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Generating a Word Doc from SP List Using Flow

Used this article to create my flow:



My desired goal is for our client reps to fill out a simple MS Form and have that data populate a Word doc. Obviously, there are steps in between. I attempted to use the article above to bring the List (populated from the Form) into a doc. Everything went smoothly--the contract doc is set as a content type and when the Form is filled out, the file is generated in the correct document library.


However, the issue (and a sizeable one) is that the data isn't actually showing up in the document. It looks exactly like the template I created. Additionally, the file has no format. I am prompted to choose a program to use to open the document. Once MS Word is selected, it opens and shows me the doc with no unique information from the Form I filled out.


In the article, when it gets to step 12 of the Flow process, I chose the First Method he describes (in case that was relevant).


Not sure if it's important to note or not, but the flow indicates everything runs smoothly. It doesn't show any errors occurred. 


Let me know if additional information would help.

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Hi there.  It really sounds like the issue isn't with the flow so much as the Word template.  In the main template that you are using, were you able to add the quick parts mentioned in steps 17-19 of that walkthrough?


I'll see if I can find some other walkthroughs that do the same thing, but maybe spend more time on that part.  Also tagging @AKRogers for her SP expertise.



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@edgonzales @AKRogers 


I did follow those steps, yes. Everything showed up in the Word doc and I place each piece within the doc. 


I'm trying to figure out if the file showing up undesignated is related to the fields not populating.


Wondering if there's a step I'm missing between the item being created in the list, and getting the file content? Attaching two pics. The condition designates different libraries for different client reps. Tried eliminating the condition and storing all to one place, but that didn't change anything. After the condition are the steps in the second photo.

Flow Screenshot.jpgFlow Screenshot2.jpg

Is that the extent of the "Update File Properties" action?  If the template is good, then each of the fields from that should show up in this action for you to update from the SP List.  If you could post a pic that shows the rest of that action, and then maybe your word template (as much as you can share) that might help get us going in the right direction.



Also, here are a couple more videos on Word templates:

He's using a different connector, but I think there's some info on structuring the template.  Watching now...


Microsoft Power Automate Tutorial - Microsoft Word Connector

Microsoft Power Automate Tutorial - Microsoft Word Connector Pt. 2


@lbell , 


One missing piece I see immediately is in your Create File action.  Your File Name needs to have the .docx extension as part of the information in there, like this:



 That will solve the issue where you have to choose an application with which to open the file.  I was able to get the walkthrough you sent me to work; were you able to recreate exactly that walkthrough before adapting it to your requirements?


Keep us posted!




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@AKRogers @edgonzales 


Hey guys, 


First of all, changed the extension of the file name that you suggested, @AKRogers , and it still showed up as an undesignated file type.


And @edgonzales , there were more details on the "Update file properties". See below. There are quite a few fields, so I had to zoom out quite a bit. They may be difficult to read.






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