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Get Calendar Events v3 for individual team members and insert rows into excel file

Hi All,


i need some help please from persons that are infinity more clever that what i am 😁


Background: i need to get a consolidated view of our team members individual calendars. Using Outlook doesn't scale for 20 or more people. What we have been doing is each team member has been adding what they have planned for the day manually into an excel spreadsheet.  Spreadsheet has Date Column on the far left, with columns for each team member


What has been done: Create a flow that uses "Get Calendar Events (v3) runs 1 x per day, accesses each team members calendar (365) for 60 days in advance. Then we need to convert the time zone with (Convert Time Zone) and we filter out the time, so that we only have the date. Then we use the Excel (Business) Update a Row, to apply to each output, where it finds the date, and puts in the subject in the team members column.


Problem Statement: Team members have multiple appointments/events for a day, however this flow only updates the row with the last event of the day.


Expected Outcome: want to concat or combine or unify the events for a specific day into a single string, separated by semi-colons. this will help us to see what is planned for each person, and to use this when we are planning work, training, projects, etc.


any pointers or links to other posts will be very welcome

Screenshot 2020-10-14 at 14.56.37.pngScreenshot 2020-10-14 at 14.57.36.pngRegards Marc


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