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Helper IV
Helper IV

Get Files (properties only) not returning all the files

Hi there,


I am trying to find a file based on the filename but am stalling at an early part of the flow.


The Get Files (properties only) doesn't seem to find all the files.

When I set it up like this;



it misses files that are located about 3 more folders down - there are approval folders then particular manager names.


If I change the limit entries to folder and specify and exact location it finds the file, but I want this to work from higher up.


Am I missing a setting that will allow it to look wider than it is currently, not sure why it doesn't reach all the levels underneath the locations specified above.



When I find the file I want to delete it, I assume that when I get the file I can build a variable of the location property and then pass that to the delete?

Super User
Super User

Is it possible that either:

  1. The subfolder is a separate library?
  2. There more than 100 items across the various levels of subfolders, @stevenls ?


Because if b is true, it won't return more than 100 items from the Get files action (or any SharePoint multiple Get, I believe).


You can up this limit in the action / trigger settings under the threshold.


Alternatively, you could use the Get items action (threshold is still relevant here) and use the library ID by scrolling down the list of lists, and choosing to enter a custom item.


To get the library ID;

  1. open the library in SharePoint,
  2. click the cog ⚙ and select 'Library settings',
  3. then the ID will be in the address bar of your browser after the "List=" definition,
  4. just remove the HTTP code for curly brackets () from the start and end of the ID and paste it into the custom item.

I ended up using the FileLeafRef eq 'variable name from Adobe Sign' to find the file and then go on through the rest of the flow that way.


Thanks for your reply.

Hi @eliotcole ,

I'm having the same issue. I use Get Files (Properties only), there are only 100 lines of data in the export. How can I expand the threshold in the trigger settings? Can you share a printscreen or detailed post?


Just tap on the three dots menu, and then tap the settings ... threshold settings are there.


Do some test flows with it, and you'll figure it out, you really don't need a detailed step-by-step for it, it's the kind of thing that will help build your knowledge by doing it. 🙂

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