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Get Item Action - File not found

Hi Guys, 


I am building a workflow which triggers on an item being added to a list. 


The Get Item Action keeps failing for me even though I can see the list item is there, I can confirm that I have permission to the list also. 



Here is the config of the Get Item Action: 


Here is the item in my list: 



I'm puzzled as this was working earlier...  Any info is appreciated I can send full screen shots of my workflow if needed. 



Community Champion
Community Champion

hi @SteveT365  could be because the get item action is trying to get the item but the item is not created yet.


Please add a Delay action before Get Item with 5s and test 


tell me if this works

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I have an almost identical issue. My flow creates a file (SharePoint-Create File) and I follow that with an attempt to Get File Content using the file ID of the newly created file (taken from the dynamic data listing).


The flow then fails with 'File not found' (status code 404).


Logically, the file has been created if its ID is available; nevertheless, I tried adding a 3 minute delay (suggested by Christian above) but it makes no difference.


The file ID is identified as 1618 in the Create File step and the same ID 1618 is correctly used in the Get File Content step. I do not see why this does not work. Any ideas?



  • the relevant segment of flow path
  • the ID of the file created by the Create File step
  • the ID being used correctly in the Get Content step


1. Segment of flow.jpg


2. Item Id of created file.jpg


3. Item Id of file in failed Get.jpg

Me too! Exactly this issue. I search by a metadata column to find a document, which returns a single row. Pass the ID for that row into the Get File Content and it says File not found.

Is this a bug, do we think?

I have this exact issue as well. I was trying to get a row from a table in an excel file came back saying the table did not exist however when I went to edit the table was in there. I then tried "get a table" before "get a row" action but came back with file not found. The file is indeed in the flow or else I wouldn't have been able to then select a row from my table at the next step.

In one way, I'm glad to know it's not just me... but also sorry that others are affected.


I find it deeply frustrating that MS have created a reasonably decent product but then shackled it in this way. What is the development team thinking of?


It makes no sense whatsoever... to be able to create a file with a custom file name but then be unable to do anything with it.


My use case is this:

  • trigger is new response to a form
  • add details to a log file
  • check if it is first response for a company
  • of so, create new Excel workbook for the company (data from a question reply) with a custom file name
  • manipulate the data and send a copy of the Excel file via email
  • if not, add the new response data to the existing company's Excel workbook, then as above

All these steps work okay except for the last one... every possible route to work on the already created file is blocked. I've tried all kinds of convolutions including bringing back the file content to a working directory and overwriting a file with a fixed name, adding the data, then copying it back to the custom file name. Even this does not work because of similar command limitations.



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