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Get JPG value for word document template


I have a flow for populating a word document.  I have this done and now I want to have a couple of selected images be populated in the document as well.

My flow errors after retrieving the correct items at apply to each.  

  "status": 400,
  "message": "The image is not of type PNG or JPG. Please provide an image of type PNG or JPG.\r\nclientRequestId: c203e171-4b8a-4675-9672-dea939a4d1fe",
  "error": {
    "message": "The image is not of type PNG or JPG. Please provide an image of type PNG or JPG."
  "source": ""

I see the Word online business guide says "When the image field shows up in the designer, add file contents of a JPG or PNG image as the value. The value should look like this: { "$content-type": "image/png", "$content": "iVBORw0KG...i/DhQmCC" } where the content is the base64 encoded image." 


The column I was trying to connect was the mulitline one featuring the base64 (......)


How do get this required value?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @StuCundy ,


Are you looking for something similar to this thread :



Hi @ManishJain 
I guess so.  Can you guide me through the steps?

Hi @StuCundy ,


Please share your flow screenshots. 



Hi @ManishJain 




I have just the one picture columm but I think it I want to have 2-3 images I need to have that amount of columns?

Hi @StuCundy ,


You do not have to use Apply to each loop to add image to word. Instead use First(outputs(Get_items)?['body/value/imagecontent']).



Hi @ManishJain 

Is this "First(outputs(Get_items)?['body/value/imagecontent'])"  a Filter query in Get items?

I'm lost sorry.

Hi @StuCundy ,


The output of get items is an array , whereas you are having only one image. So have a look at the output of Get items and share that.



Hi @ManishJain 

I am getting back to this little challenge I have as it is till not solved.

I have the report text populating the template fine but its when I want to insert the image.   I would like to go back to my working flow for just text and get you to guide me through adding the image if you could.

I have the images in two places trying to work out which is best. 

1. A image SP list with reference to the report SP list ID.

2. A document library with a reference column to the report SP list ID


In the flow that works is below.  whats my next step?

Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 1.47.24 PM.png

Hi @StuCundy ,


I see you are able to create word file and save it in sharepoint. Could you post what is the end result you want to accomplish after this ?



Hi @ManishJain 

I want to show a picture in the produced word document.

I have been able to get the URL and Base64 text for pictures but cant get them to the word document.

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