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Advocate II

Get SharePoint person office location

I built a flow: When SharePoint list item created, look up the profile of a person field in that item, and update the list item with the user's Office location. 


This person did the same thing:


But the office profile sometimes fails to find the user specified in SharePoint, I think it fails when the person field is selected with a person that does not have an email address. The UPN value I'm using is the Person Field's "email" field ("Assigned To Email").  I tried using "Assigned To Clams" or "Assigned To Display Name", but it didn't work.


Is there any other way to get the user's Office location?  On the SharePoint list online, I can switch the Person field to show the user's office instead of display name, but I can't figure out how to reference that location in my flow.

Community Champion
Community Champion

@ShawnKeeneTF  - You can configure following actions to get office locations...


This is returning my office location correctly.


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Power Automate Community

It fails if the user specified in the list item ("Owned by" in your example) does not have an email address.  How to work around this issue?

Do you have a Person in the company without email address? May be if those are test accounts or something, you can skip by checking null.

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Power Automate Community

These are indeed people without an email address.  They exist in our AD, and we an select them in the SharePoint form people-picker.  And even SharePoint by itself can show the user's office location (you can set that as the display for that column). Ultimately that's what I want in the email (the location of the user, which SharePoint seems to already know).


You can refer to some of the person's other attributes directly from the get-list-item output without needing the get-profile step at all (for example you can reference the Assigned To DisplayName, Department, or JobTitle), but I can't find a way to reference their office location.


So that's why I'm using get-user-profile.  And it seemed like a perfect solution, until I realized it doesn't work if the person needing looked up doesn't have an email address.


Can I look up their profile by any other search criteria?  What is "Assigned To Claims" for example?


In any case here's a screenshot showing

left side:  successful emails from working flow runs, the flow design, and the sharepoint list I'm using

middle: example of a successful flow run

right: example of a flow run that failed


I covered up the URLs and added notes in those places.


Any idea how I can accomplish this?


I tried setting the field in the sharepoint form list to display as the user's Office Location instead of name, but I can't use that in the email (it still shows up as their actual name, and using email address shows their network AD username. I need their office/location.

@ShawnKeeneTF  - Can you use display name in Get user profile v2 and form a user account from it with expression something like below? OwnedBy is my column name. is the part of your company account names that you use to login. For example ''.


concat(replace(body('Get_item')?['OwnedBy']?['DisplayName'],' ''.'), '')
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Please Like and Mark this as Answer if it resolves your Issue.

Power Automate Community

This expression would go into the "get user profile from Office" setup's "UPN" field right?   I like what you're thinking, I started to give it a try.


concat(replace(body( 'Get_item' )?[ 'AssignedTo' ]?[ 'DisplayName' ], ' ' ,  '.' ),  '' )


But then I realized that their login username is not a concatenation of their first and last name.  So in this case I need to write a formula for first initial + last name @  So if Display Name was Jane Smith, I'd need


I use string operators constantly in PowerBI/PowerQuery, but it's been my experience that Power Automate is a bit different syntax. Do you have a link to a reference for those?


For this user, Syra Narciso, the login name is 

@ShawnKeeneTF - what happens if you use Assign to Claims? That is going to return a UPN which can be used to get user profile. Can you check?

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Power Automate Community

It fails when I try that.  In the "Get User Profile (v2)" step...


...supplying AssignedTo Claims as the UPN causes that step to fail as "bad gateway".

...supplying AssignedTo Email as the UPN causes that step to fail as "404 resource not found"


To compare....

...supplying CreatedBy Claims as the UPN causes the same 'bad gateway' failure (I am the creator of the list item)

...supplying CreatedBy Email as the UPN works perfectly and the flow finishes properly.




This is so frustrating. SharePoint "knows" the user's office location, because I can set the column/field in the sharePoint list to display as such. But I cannot seem to get that information into the email Power Automate sends by any means.

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