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Helper I
Helper I

Get entity Type using ID

Dear Community Members,


i try to  build a flow that send an Email to user when this user is tagged in a Post in dynamics crm .

the Problem is that i just become the Regarding ID from the entity who the Post is created.

i wanna know if it is possible to find the entity Type using just the ID.  


this is the text I get back:  

"_organizationid_value": "a54571c2-4cdb-40e1-a99b-93b40b58624e",
"text": "@[8,E5D71C93-7BFF-E811-A94F-000D3AB3A3B0,\"Anton Wiedemann\"]",
"postid": "0d211a43-b73f-ea11-a812-000d3ab46449",
"_createdby_value": "6cd2d9cc-af35-e911-a958-000d3ab3a27b",
"source": 2,
"_regardingobjectid_value": "5ecc820d-201c-ea11-a812-000d3ab46449",
"type": 1,
"modifiedon": "2020-01-25T21:11:38Z",
"_modifiedby_value": "6cd2d9cc-af35-e911-a958-000d3ab3a27b",
"_regardingobjectowningbusinessunit_value": "6e6ca4db-86fa-e811-a980-000d3ab7c3ee",
"createdon": "2020-01-25T21:11:38Z",
"_regardingobjectownerid_value": "6cd2d9cc-af35-e911-a958-000d3ab3a27b",
"timezoneruleversionnumber": null,
"utcconversiontimezonecode": null,
"_createdonbehalfby_value": null,
"_modifiedonbehalfby_value": null
Dual Super User II
Dual Super User II

Hi @Hedibn 


Can you share more details and a screenshot of the flow? It is currently not possible to get the entity type based on the ID of the record. You should be able to use the users type for the records to identify a particular user in the system with the user id. 


Hope this Helps!


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