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Get image source from rich text editor in SharePoint online and send in email body

hello eveybody and thank you in advance for your assistance.

I took the time to search the forum before posting but couldn't find a clear answer for this issue. Here is the scenario:

In our workplace we are using sharepoint online and we have announcements lists. Anytime an announcement is created we receive an email. Usually in an announcement we could have attachments and in the body of the announcement we add pictures(not more than one). This pic is uploaded to the site assets or any other library in sp online. Anytime i send the email the picture is not displayed.


My issue is that i can't figure out a way to get the img src to show inside the email body that is sent. I am using a custom html template which works well.

Some of the things i faced:

1) get the src of the image from the announcement body (i got to this point)

2) relative vs absolute path (which i managed to fix and build the string that shows the image in outlook web)


Now i reached a stage where i need to change the src of the image to base64 or any other format that will work in outlook (desktop)


I am kinda stuck here. 


HI @RoniR 


You might want to check this out:


Hope this Helps!

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thanks for the reply.


I manage to embed the image ub the email body using base64 inline encoding but it came at a cost.

If i add the src of the image example: http://....../image source, i get to see the image in outlook web but not in outlook app or desktop

If i use base 64 i get to see the image in outlook desktop but not in app or outlook web.

I still need to test with cid but i am afraid this also comes with a price.


This is really difficult.


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