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Get info from new object in List 1 and create multiple objects in List 2

Hi there, 


I hope someone can help me with this. I dont really know how to get started with figuring this out. 


Basically I have List 1 with a Power Apps-form, in which you add info about a person, and then, in a multi-selection box, you pick different courses that this person should take. 


What I want help with is a workflow which would take the info (name and list of courses) and send this over to List 2, where multiple objects are created, one for each course that has been selected.


This only needs to happen one way, after having created an object in List 1, which has created objects in List 2, the user will manage all additional course related stuff in List 2, including adding new courses. Changing the multi-selection box in List 1 will be disabled in Edit mode. I just want this workflow to be a help so that the User doesnt have to add loads of objects for standard courses manually every time in List 2. 


I thank you all in advance and I would appreciate any help regarding this! Please let me know if I need to clarify anything. 




Might need more info but hopefully I can get you started. If these are SPO lists you're referring to then you can definitely set up a Flow that can watch one list for new items/changes and write information to a second list that you watch for submissions.


Like so...




This is obviously a very simple example and I'm keeping Power Apps out of the picture entirely. Of note is my usage of dynamic content, that's the best way to ensure you stay flexible with users and courses they select.



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