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Advocate I
Advocate I

Get @mention token for a tag


I noticed that "Get @mention token for a tag" was added as an action for Teams in flows.



However I don't seem to be able to actually get my tags or use custom value for it



Now I know I can do this with graph and some workarounds, I was just curious if anyone has had any success using this built in action?

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Hi @tcvall86,


I don't see that action yet in my dev tenant with experimental features enabled. So, I guess it is early days/preview stuff.


Out of interest, what is the internal name (operationid) of that specific action?



Yeah I figuered aswell

The operationId is "AtMentionTag"


    "inputs": {
        "host": {
            "connectionName": "shared_teams",
            "operationId": "AtMentionTag",
            "apiId": "/providers/Microsoft.PowerApps/apis/shared_teams"
        "parameters": {
            "groupId": "",
            "tagId": ""
        "authentication": {
            "type": "Raw",
            "value": "@json(decodeBase64(triggerOutputs().headers['X-MS-APIM-Tokens']))['$ConnectionKey']"
Advocate II
Advocate II

any luck figuring this one out? 


i see it on my production tenant already and see it at the Microsoft documentation Get an @mention token for a tag . 

Actually, i even see List all tags for a team  but both actions result in Request API is not supported.

any idea when this will be supported, it will save time being a build in action. 

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Hi @daniel_herrera,


No not yet. It also appeared in my UK dev tenant as well. But I have the same issue as you, Request API is not supported.




So, my guess would also be that they are still working on it.

@tcvall86 : Before yesterday, I was getting same error as you got. But now the whole Operation seems to have been taken out. Are you seeing the same?



i still see the operation, although the but remains. keeps saying Request API not supported. 



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