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Get question names from Forms in Flow



Is there a way to iterate though all questions in a form and get the questionname and answer into a array variable? I have a flow like this. I collect data from a lots of questions and would like to be able to iterate trough all columns in each answer to generate an e-mail (like a reciept) to the submitter of the form.


Screenshot of my flow:




Do you get to the point where your Get response details are returned like this:



The answers are in the details as you see above. You could now query the above data with those long strings made up of letters and numbers but that isn't very flexible.


Adding a select action might already help a bit so that you can query by these unique question ids and convert them into more textual representation.


You could also use John Liu's xpath workaround to step through all the answers:





Thanks Pieter


Yes i have noticed the long strings and i assume they represent some internal id that Forms/Excel uses to identify the connection between the question and the column in excel?


But i dont understand how to use them? What should i query using them? Can i send some query to the excel-file to recieve the column name from that ID? I want to make a generic solution that can be copied and applied to multiple forms (with different setup of questions), so adding the column names manually in a select action won´t help me so much.


The xpath trick will help me on the way definately. Thanks a lot for that one!











Something like this shoudl work:



Thanks again Pieter!

I tried that, but it only returns the answer to the question, not the name of the question.


Anyway now i have tried to get a grip on how to use the xpath-trick. I am stuck on the last step where the result is mapped in the select action. In the example you linked only the column names are stored in the final array.

I would like to go from this (where i am right now)

  "root": {
    "a": 1,
    "b": 2,
    "c": 3

 to this







Instead of as in the example:





Hi @Mentor365,


I don't think that you can get to the actual question. Only the answers.

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Any update on this?
I need to get Forms' question into a string variable.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Two years later... Any updates? I have the exact same problem.

Customer Voice (aka Forms Pro) has this all sorted out. It just isn't in the free version. With Customer Voice you can also just go through all the data in your dataverse databases.

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