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Get the properties of the files of a subfolder that is in a document library in sharepoint

I would like to know if someone can try to help me with this, what happens is that I am bringing the attachments that the user uploads to a sharepoint list to a sharepoint document library, and within this document library I verify if the folder is not found created I create the folder and the files inside this new one and I store a link to the folder to be able to access it with a click from power apps

The issue is that I always ask if the folder is already created or not, (that is, I verify that the link that I store in the list is not empty), if it is empty I carry out the process mentioned above, but if I do not obtain the metadata of the folder using this path, and there I check the files if the files sent are already inside the folder, if this is correct I must update its content and if I do not create it, what happens is that the connector of Get files (only properties) can only search for files in root folders, that is, in these document libraries, but not in these subfolders that one creates inside the libraries, how could I access this subfolder and obtain all the metadata of the files only from this folder to be able to perform the verification correctly?

what I show works but for the global folder that is if there is a folder and inside there is a file with the same name it updates it but this should not work this way, only within each folder verify these files

Does anyone know how I could do this process?


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