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Helper V

Getting SP items and split each item's string

Hello there !

I've seen a lot of solutions for splitting string and then applying foreach, but i haven't seen the way around.

Explanations :

I'm getting ItemS from Sharepoint (depending on their departure date), and for each of them, I have a string called PassengersMails, which is like the following : ";;".

i already have a foreach on the Value of GetItems.

In it, i already have a condition on If PassengersMails is empty.

Now in the No of the condition, i would like to split the PassengersMails string to an array. For each item in this array, I want to retrieve the Passenger's Display Name (using a O365Users connection) and to store it in a new string.


I can't figure out how to proceed.

How to split a string from a foreach Value ?


Thanks a lot, have a nice day.

Resolver III
Resolver III



If you have a common delimiter you could use the split expression maybe? 

I have tested it wit a variable with two e-mailadresses in it, and then an apply to each where the input is the splitted version of that variable (for you it's your string from your previous action):



Hope this helps, otherwise let me know I will check again 🙂

Resolver III
Resolver III

Hi @Gaëlle !


Did this solve your problem, or do you need any other help? 

Otherwise could you mark the answer as solution?




Hi @Willemijn , how do I traverse the string using built-in API's in MS Flow?


Apologies as I'm very new to this..

Right now, what I can do is use the first() and last() functions, but this limits me to only 2 inputs..

I want to get the values per index such as..


name = splitString[0];

address = splitString[1];



Do you have an example with sample data of the string you would want to split and what the expected outcome is? 

Then I can take a look.



Thank you for the quick reply..


I will try this first.


I think this is what I need. I'll get back when I'm stuck..


Thanks again!

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