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Getting a "Bad Request" in Get Changes For an Item or File function (joins to an "AND" query in conditions)

I'm trying to write a flow that will notify a Job Ticket creator when the ticket has been marked "Completed." The Get Chances for an Item or File step is failing.


Here's how that step is configured; it looks for changes in the IT Support Ticket list since the last version:


This is followed by a Condition step that checks to see if the item has changed AND the "Issue Status" value is now "Completed."


When the flow is attempted, it fails at the Get Changes for an Item or File step:



I mention the Condition step because it's the addition of the AND statement in it that causes the failure, for some reason. Are either of these steps misconfigured?



Super User
Super User

Hello @ScottKnick 

You could trigger the flow only when the status equals to 'completed' using trigger conditions in the trigger action:





Therefore, you won't need to check that condition.

Hope it helps!


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Proud to be a Flownaut!

Thanks for your reply! But I've tried that option previously (e.g., simply setting the trigger conditions for "When an Item is Created or Modified") and then the flow never triggers at all. But I'll give it another shot and see what happens.

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When I use the following settings in the "When an Item is Created or Modified" trigger, the flow is never triggered when the value of "status" is changed to "Completed":



Hello @ScottKnick 

What type is used in the Status column? Is it a Choice one? Therefore the expression should be:



Hope it helps!


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Hello @fchopo :


Thanks for the tip -- the Status column is indeed a "Choose" column, so I changed the trigger expression to:


But the flow (which should be triggering several times a day) is still not triggering at all.

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