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HTML Table Flow Email Won't Include Page Breaks

So I am having this issue where during the flow process, in the outputs when it creates the HTML table, it shows the text in a table column with spaces, exactly as it was typed. However, when Flow sends the email, those spaces are gone.



Spacing/entering during the Flow's run (I found this in the output)


Spaces/enters in the email HTML table:




Any idea as to what could be happening and how to fix it?

Community Champion
Community Champion

I think you mean that there are no line breaks? In that case you can add the HTML line break element <br>at the end of each line:


Test here:

There is also the Create HTML table action that may be of help:



See: How to create an HTML table using Power Automate (Flow) in mail


Yes, sorry, I meant line breaks. I am currently using the Create HTML Table function. If I look at the input and the output during that function, it DOES recognize the <br> HTML tag and inserts the referred line break, however, after it goes to the final step, which uses the "Send an email (V2)" function and sends the email, it's as if either the HTML table that was just created ignores those tags and it's just all crammed together. I don't know if it's ignoring the tags in the table itself or if maybe it's the Outlook client ignoring those tags.

Community Champion
Community Champion

I followed this tutorial to format a HTML table: Power Automate flow HTML Table Formatting in Email | Flows & SharePoint and was able to produce this last week:


This is how it looks in an Outlook email:


Hope this helps.


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