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HTML form (not microsoft) with file to sharepoint

Hey there,


First time posting after search for multiple days. 


So I have an HTML form (contact form 7) on a WordPress website, my need is to create a folder, a txt file inside WITH the files from the form into my sharepoint.


For now with an ajax call I can create a JSON file, send it to my flow and everything work, he creates a folder, a TXT file with all the string info from the form.


My only need is how I can send the 2 file from my form to this folder ? Cause the flow trigger's is a HTTP request, and he want only a json file, I cant send file through this. I have every time an error 400 when I try to send json and file.


So my question is how I can send those 2 files into the freshly created folder ?

Hope someone can help me,


Have a wonderful day



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Hi @holdusback 

Probably you'll need a couple of flows. For instance:

* Flow 1: Get the data in JSON format (triggered whit an HTTP Post request).

* Flow 2: Store the file in a FTP Server or send it to an email address.

Could it work?

Hope it helps!


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Thanks for your answer !



So it's not possible to send via HTTP request file ? I think for security reason microsoft dont allow that ...

So the only way I have is to send all data info via mail, strike a flow when an email is received and upload everything on sharepoint ?


Was thinking that the email thing was another step that I can avoid by triggering the flow with http request but if it's the only way ...

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I use WP-Forms on my Wordpress site and it is able to base64 encode the file attachments and then send them into a HTTP Flow. Does contact form 7 have similar options? You can still do it the way you are attempting by using the multipart body I think, but I dont have experience with it.

Hey Paulie,


Do you mean you succeed to send via HTTP request your file directly to sharepoint ?

For now, I've tried with an ajax call via jQuery, and it don't work. I will buy Gravity Form (a famous plugin for wordpress) I hope I can fix this, if not I will have to set up things by mail... Don't find it's a good solution but if it's the only one ...

I will updated this topic cause I need this for my company, so will have to find a way to do this

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Still looking for a solution for this. Will put it here If I found one

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Yes, I can do it with WP-Forms via HTTP (or via email) easily. I am sure contact form 7 can do the same (but I don't know). 


Even your current method should work (JSON and a file post). The problem is that this will create a multipart message, but you can extract the json and files separately with Power Automate.

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You are right I succeeded at creating a file. I parse the encoded base64 to json, decode it with compose in the flow, create a file in sharepoint. Thanks to this :

Last thing to sort it out is to find the extension type, jpg, png, pdf...

Cause in the create file of sharepoint he want a filename, Im sure there is a way/fonction to detect the file extention to put it in the filename. 


For now it create the file but without any extention ahah.

EDIT : Think I'll just make it easier : get the file extension via PHP and add the value in my json schema... Look like it is easier than in the flow directly... if someone have a solution directly in Microsoft flow to find the extension file from a base64 string, let me know ! 

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