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HTTP request GET/POST results id to DisplayName

Building a flow that gets item from List A and post to List B.




In List A I have a field for choosing People and allow multiple choices, in the output body from GET I recive the "assigneId"



When I POST to List B in the body I get, using expression items('Apply_to_each')?['assignedId']?['results']



But I get an error "A 'PrimitiveValue' node with non-null value was found when trying to read the value of a navigation property; however, a 'StartArray' node, a 'StartObject' node, or a 'PrimitiveValue' node with null value was expected."


Struggeling and searched for a solution to solve this but Im stuck.

How can I from the GET request and the assigneId, POST this to the new list to the field assigned and display the correct user?


*** EDIT

Found a solution for my problem.

I was trying to POST the user information to the field (in my case) called assigned.


But I couldnt get it to work, when I tried assignedId magic happend.

So in my POST request looks like this: 


And now the Flow is updating the field "assigned", in cases when multiple users are assigned it does select one of the assigned correct and the other person is incorrect from the orginial post.

I have to troubleshoot why this is happening.





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