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Have the flow update a certain number of items and then start another flow for the remining items

Hello Everyone, 


I was wondering if this was possible. I have 3 lists 


- List 1 - Master List that has the Group info and Counts needed for the event 

- List 2 - The list of Volenteers that would like to attend the event 

- List 3 - The Volenteers are added based on the amount of ppl needed in List 1 


My thoughts 


- Based on what the user inputs into the form the count will only process that many items and in the event it has not hit say 50 items from List 2 it will wait and process when there are 50 items. 


- The Flow will then continue onto the next item in the Master List and process that item till it reaches the count noted on that form

- Add a count to the item that was created 

    - If there was 50 ppl needed on the first Master List Item

    - then on the next Master list it have an input 60 ppl needed

        The formula would be something like this

                     - Look at the previous ID - Add the Count range needed to the Current  >50 and <=110 

                     - The Flow would need to process items >50 and <=110 with that count 



I am just not sure how to do this.. Any help would be a blessing... 


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @jetbluebob,


Could you please share more details about your scenes?

Could you please share more details about the List 1,List 2 and List 3?


I couldn't full understand your requirement,please share more details so we would try to provide a proper workaround for you.


Best regards,


I am working on posting a screen shot of the flow to help people understand 


- List 1 - Is the main list where the user would add details about an event. Such as: 

  • Event Name 
  • Event Group 
  • Event Deployment Dates (Big Window) 
  • Event Group Deployment Dates 
  • Amount needed for this Deployment Group  - I need to find a away for the number entered in here to pull people and assign only that amount of ppl in list 2

upon completing this list an automated email would be sent out to all users on a distro. The higher ups would then reccomend others to help during the event and they would entered into list 2 

- List 2 - The user would add people that would help the event which was created in list 1. 

  • Once added by leadership the email would be send out to vol 
  • the list would update since the only item leadership enters is the email address  
  •         The update would consist of - pulling the User Data and pulling the data entered into List 1 so the Vol was assigned a group. (only issue if 200 ppl are vol for the event and i only need 50 for this group and 50 for the next group (new list item in list 1) how do i get it only assign the first 50 ppl?
  • The data in list 2 would then be pushed over to list 3 where the VOL would then enter in their information and this would then start the process.   1 of 61 of 62 of 62 of 63 of 63 of 64 of 64 of 65 of 65 of 66 of 66 of 6




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